About Us

Located in the Provost's Office, the Office of Academic Programs supports and promotes the academic experience across Radford University through campus-wide academic enrichment programs, support units, and initiatives. We help prepare all our students and support our faculty in tackling the complex, multifaceted, and interdisciplinary problems of our time.

Our high-impact practice units, including the Honors College, the Center for Global Education and Engagement, Learning Communities, the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship, and the Citizen Leader office support transformative educational experiences across the institution.

Additional support for pedagogical innovations are cultivated through the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, Faculty Development, and Academic Programming at the Selu Conservancy. Bringing together campus-wide teams of faculty and students along with external partners, we also support the emerging institutional initiatives of Making and Innovation and Sustainability.

The Core Curriculum, the Harvey Knowledge Center, the Advising Center for Major Exploration, and Academic Support Services help students explore disciplinary paths, develop their critical thinking skills, get help with their courses, and discover and evaluate academic careers and personal goals.

Working with partners from across the instituion and the region, we help students gain knowledge, hone skills, and adopt dispositions that propel them into satisfying careers and graduate programs.   


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