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Bridge Program

The NRCC and Radford University Bridge Program is a rigorous residential program that provides support to students as they transition from high school to college. Freshman applicants who do not meet Radford University’s standard admission criteria may be selected to participate. Participating students will take courses at NRCC (Dublin campus) for their first year, while living, dining and engaging in a robust student life at Radford University. Transportation between the two campuses is provided.

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Bridge Program students applying for financial aid need to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to Radford University only. Radford University’s federal school code is 003732.

Ready to enroll in the Bridge Program? Follow these steps:

1. Confirm Your Enrollment

Confirm your enrollment by completing the Enrollment Confirmation Form and paying the $200 deposit in the Highlander Portal.

2. Register for Quest

Quest is Radford's orientation program and it is required for all incoming students. At Quest, you’ll meet representatives from both Radford University and New River Community College, review your classes for the fall semester and more.

Quest for Bridge Program students will be held July 12-13. Housing is available on Radford's campus July 12 for Quest participants. 

Register for Quest orientation in your Highlander Portal enrollment checklist.

3. Activate OneCampus

OneCampus is the Radford University student portal and many actions are housed here (such as applying for housing or paying your university bill).

To activate your OneCampus account, you'll need your RU ID and claim code from your Highlander Portal prior to going to the OneCampus site. 

4. Submit Housing Application

Bridge Program students are required to live on campus. 

There are slight variations in the academic calendar between Radford University and New River Community College. Residence halls will remain open for Bridge students and public transportation- including transportation to NRCC- will continue to operate on a regular schedule through the NRCC semester. 

Submit your housing application in OneCampus

5. Complete New River Community College Application

Complete the New River Community College application by July 1 to ensure that New River has all of your information and can set up access to courses, create your student ID card, and other essential items that will be necessary once you start classes. 

6. Submit Student Immunization Form

Submit your Student Immunization Form through our online system, Medicat prior to your Quest date. View a full list of required vaccines, as well as instructions for submitting your form, on our Student Immunization Form page. 

7. Complete Consent to Enroll Form

Complete the Consent to Enroll form in the Enrollment Checklist in your Highlander Portal prior to your Quest date. This form includes required Emergency Contact information as well as a Disclosure of Criminal History.

8. Send Final Transcript

Ensure that your school counselor will send an official copy of your final high school transcript with your graduation date. 

9. Plan for University Bill

During year one of the Bridge Program, students will be charged New River Community College tuition and fees along with Radford University housing, dining and fees. Students that successfully transfer to Radford in their second year must pay the typical rate for tuition, fees and other expenses.

Plan for your bill now by learning more about how to accept your financial aid, set up an authorized payers and enroll in a payment plan.

10. Monitor University Email

Keep an eye on your Radford email address (accessible in OneCampus) for information about move-in and start of semester activities. Your student bill will also be sent to your Radford email account. 

Is transportation to New River Community College provided?

Bridge Program students are strongly encouraged to use Radford Transit to go back and forth between New River Community College and Radford University, which are about 10 miles apart. It is available at no cost to Bridge students, and the buses run weekdays on an hourly basis. The Radford University ONE Card ID is required to access Radford Transit.

Bridge students who choose to have a vehicle on-campus at Radford University must purchase a parking permit and register their vehicle through Radford University and display a valid parking permit at all times

Parking is offered at no charge at NRCC but students must register their vehicle at the NRCC Security Office in Godbey Hall.

What are the requirements to transfer to Radford University from the Bridge Program?

Bridge students are required to earn a minimum of 21 transferable credits and a 2.0-grade point average (GPA) during their freshman year at New River Community College.

Only those transferable credits and the GPA earned at NRCC after high school graduation will count toward satisfying the Bridge academic requirements. While AP, IB or dual enrollment credits may transfer to Radford University, Bridge students must successfully complete 21 or more transferable credit hours at NRCC during the fall and spring semesters.

What support programs are available to Bridge students?

Bridge students have access to NRCC’s Academic Support Center which offers a range of support services including tutoring and assistance with writing. The Bridge Program coordinator and academic advisors provide additional support along with the help that is available through enrollment in SDV 100 – College Success Skills, which is co-taught by NRCC and RU instructors.

Can Bridge students attend summer school at NRCC to satisfy the 21 credit/2.0 GPA requirement?

Yes, but Bridge students must earn Bridge credits at NRCC. Summer enrollment is an option after the first year at NRCC, not the summer prior to enrollment as a Bridge student.

Can a Bridge student change his/her major while enrolled in the Bridge Program?

Yes. Academic advisors can assist students in making this decision.

Are Bridge students eligible for scholarships at Radford University?

First-year Bridge students are not considered for Radford University scholarships. After students complete all requirements to enroll at Radford University in their second year, they can be considered for Radford scholarship programs, including the Radford Tuition Promise.