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Security Tip
If an email creates a sense of urgency that you must click a link and perform an action in a short amount of time, tread cautiously. Hover over the email link to see if it actually goes to the destination you planned. Criminals are getting smarter and will brand emails to look deceptively real; it's not enough to look for misspellings or bad grammar. The best rule of thumb is to treat emails suspiciously and take a few seconds to look over the email for the warning signs detailed above.

Banner Tip
In the General Menu, Banner INB retains a list of forms you have accessed during your current Banner session. This list can be accessed by using the Go To field on the General Menu page.

Use the up and down arrow keys to access forms you have previously entered during your current Banner session.

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Division of Information Technology
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New IT security training – SANS Security Awareness

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) is excited to announce we will be migrating to SANS Security Awareness as our security training provider. MORE>>>

Remote access to Virtual Labs

DoIT is pleased to announce a new virtual lab environment available starting with the spring semester 2018. Students and faculty can use this virtual lab to access powerful software at their convenience without investing in expensive hardware or software. MORE>>>

Disaster recovery

Employees from DoIT, Emergency Preparedness and University Relations participated in disaster recovery tabletop exercises Dec. 8 that addressed four potential disruptive scenarios. MORE>>>

The project management lifecycle

Defining SMART goals during the project-planning phase is an effective way to start projects and achieve better outcomes. MORE>>>

Malicious email attachment blocking with Exchange Online email protection

Over the past few months, several users have reported problems sending email attachments. For several years, Radford University has blocked incoming attachments that contain executables, macros and zip files due to their high use by hackers to distribute malware. With the move of faculty and staff email to Office 365 these blocks now protect internal Radford University email as well. MORE>>>

Technology training

Academic Technologies offers a number of workshops each month for faculty and staff. If you need training that is not included on this list or would like to request a one-on-one, group or custom technology workshop, contact Academic Technologies. MORE>>>

Meet the DoIT Staff: Andrew Travis, Information Security Officer

Andre TravisThe DoIT staff serves the Radford University community by providing service and technical support to faculty, students and staff. Each month, we introduce the campus to a DoIT staff member who can facilitate the use of today's amazing technologies. This month, it is our pleasure to introduce information security officer, Andrew Travis. MORE>>>