Fall 08 Classes:

151, 430/431.

Courses taught in the past:

Calculus and Pre-Calc. 152,251, 252,126, 140,  Linear algebra (460).


Be sure to get all your homework done as soon as possible after class as this will lead to better grades.


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Calculus I - Math 151

  • Course Contract
  • Lab Schedule
  • Walker_221 Computer Lab 11/19/2008 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    Walker_216 Computer Lab 12/01/2008 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    Walker_216 Computer Lab 12/03/2008 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Walker_216 Computer Lab 12/08/2008 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Writing A Calculus I (Math 151) Project
    1. Objective: To learn how Calculus is linked to your chosen major or field.
    2. Guidelines:
    a. You may choose up to three classmates to form a group.
    b. You need to identify a real-life problem in your fields that you would like to do. (For example, it could be an optimization problem.)
    c. You need to use technological tools to demonstrate how you use Calculus to achieve your answer.
    3. Writing up your report: You need to prepare a Word or PowerPoint file
    4. Oral presentation: December 10.


  1. CASIO files
  2. Line Equations (Casio file).
  3. Finding Domains and Shifting Techniques.
  4. Drill on composite functions.
  5. (skip) Exercises on Quadratic Functions
    • Polynomial functions (CASIO) (Maple)-lab 2
    • Rational functions (CASIO) (Maple)-lab 2
    • Find two rational functions  f  which satisfy all the following conditions, and use Maple to check your answers:
      • the vertical asymptotes of  f are at  x=1  and  x=-3;
      • the horizontal asymptote of f  is at y=-2;
      • f(0) = 3.
    • Peer instruction (an old review sheet).
  6. (read on your own) How the number  is being found. (A Java applet, developed by IES)
  7. Inverse Functions
  8. Peer instruction.
  9. Review on Trigonometric Functions using Java Applets.
  10. More on inverse functions.
  11. **Explore Inverse Trig with ClassPad.
  12. Limits (Maple file)
  13. Continuous Function (html file)
  14. Practices on limits and continuity
  15. Concept of tangent lines. (html)
  16. Derivative Functions:
  17. Finding the derivative at one point numerically and algebraically. (Maple file)
  18. An animation on finding the slope of the tangent line. (Maple file)
  19. A link to an old test 2.
  20. Explore the derivatives of sin(x) and tan(x) graphically with ClassPad (CP file, a Video Clip).
  21. Relationship between  f  and  f'. (Maple file)
  22. (Investigating max/min and inflection points (Maple file)
  23. Review for an old Test 3
  24. Peer Instructions-Review for an old test 4.
  25. Drill on product Rule
  26. Derivative of trigonometric functions
  27. Chain Rule
  28. A Review Sheet.
  29. Implicit Differentiation with Maple
  30. (December 1) Hints on some exercises-implicit differentiation
  31. Hints on an old test 3. (CP file)
  32. Derivatives of an inverse function. (html)
  33. Derivative of logarithmic differentiation. (Drill)
  34. Derivatives and Antiderivatives
  35. (December 1) Review for an old final exam.
  36. More practices on finding derivatives, horizontal tangents and etc.
  37. Maximum, Minimum, First Derivative Test
  38. Second Derivative
  39. Sharp Corners and Vertical Tangents.
  40. Applications to Product and Quotient Rules
  41. Chain Rule and etc
  42. Help on Word Problems Using Maple
  43. Projects on Limits:



    Limits (Piecewise-Defined Functions and Squeeze Principle)

    ClassPad  e8

    Video v8



    Finding Limits Using Geometric Approaches




    Shrinking Circle

    A Shrinking Circle: A Limit problem



  44. Projects on Optimizations:



    Shortest distance between a point and a curve

    ClassPad e12

    Video v12



    Minimum Distance Between Two Curves





    A Ladder Problem





    A Calculus Problem



  45. Trigonometric Functions using Java Applets
  46. ** Assessment (WebWork
    • Students will login as:
      Ussername = (their RU login, e.g. cmett)
      Password = (their 6-digit RU id number)
      and of course they should also change passwords at their first opportunity.
  47. A link to my Trigonometry Class.
  48. A link to my Precalculus Class.

Review from College Algebra:

  1. Factoring
  2. Rational Expressions
  3. Line equations
  4. Quadratic Equations
  5. Higher Order Inequalities.
  6. Parabolic Functions
  7. Lab 1 (A Maple worksheet) [** You can access to Maple from labs on campus.]
  8. Lab 2 (A Maple worksheet)
  9. **On-line help on solving a math problem.

Some on line interactive calculator and software

  1. Interactive Algebra
  2. Java Applets
  3. On Line Graphing Calculator