Spring 07 Classes:

126, 140, 151

Courses taught in the past:

Calculus 152,251,252, Linear algebra (460) Advanced Calc. 430/431.


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Trigonometry & Analytical Geometry

Course Contract

Lab 1: Walker 225, 1/19/2007: 9-00 am. Quiz 1: January 22 at Regular classroom.

  1. A short course on Trigonometry
  2. On line help on Trigonometry
  3. Online Video Lessons-Trigonometry (Video)
  4. Distance, Midpoint Formulae, and Circles.  [Do DVD->Worksheet number 8.]
  5. Factoring
  6. Quadratic Equations.
  7. Fractional expressions. (Go over the Fractional Equations under Algebra Boot Camp of your DVD).
  8. Lab Exercise (ClassPad file)
  9. Line equations
    • Exercise 1: You are about to take a trip and you plan to rent a car, here are two rental offers: (i) Hertz will give you 30 cents per mile and $45 per day, and (ii) Avis will give you 25 cents per mile and $50 per day. Suppose you decide to rent a car for 4 days. Which company offers you a better deal? Explain. Answer.
    • Exercise 2: A manufacturer of electronic components finds that in making x units of a prduct weekly it has a cost of $2 per unit, plus a fixed cost of $1800. Each unit sells for $5.
      (a) Find the cost, revenue and profit functions.
      (b) Sketch these functions.
      (c) Find the break-even point.
      (d) Find the total weekly revenue at the break-even point.
    • Check your notes for C-F problems: Do you know Celsius would meet Fahrenheit at some point? Where?
  10. (Casio file).
  11. Higher Order Inequalities.
  12. Finding Domain of a function and Shifting
  13. Drills of finding domain of a function.
  14. Shifting and Reflection Techniques:
    • Practices on shifting, expansion and etc. (a PDF file). (**Hints/solutions)
      • Horizontal Shifting: y = f(x + a) is a horizontal shifting of y = f(x). If a > 0, then the graph will be shifted to the left; if a <0, then the graph will be shifted to the right.
      • Vertical Shifting: y = f(x) + a is a vertical shifting of y = f(x). If a > 0, then the graph will be shifted up; if a <0, then the graph will be shifted down.
      • y = - f(x) is a reflection of y = f(x).
  15. Extra Credits
  16. A CASIO file;  a Maple worksheet.
  17. Composition of Functions
  18. Inverse functions
  19. More on inverse functions.
  20. (Skip this) Inverse functions
  21. Radians and Degrees (Reading materials)
  22. Sine Box (Java applet)
  23. Cosine Box (Java applet)
  24. Exercises on six trigonometric functions.
  25. Drawing a Sine function.
  26. Drawing a Cosine function.
  27. **Exercises [Prepare these for the quiz on March 23]
  28. CASIO file on Sine and Cosine.
  29. CASIO file on Sine and Cosine Functions.
  30. Exercises (answer is on the same page).
  31. A flash about the unit circle.
  32. Pythagorean Theorem and etc.
  33. More on Trigonometric Functions
  34. About the graphs of trig functions.
    • Graph of y=tan(x) [Do you know how we get the graph?]
  35. (Skip) A Maple Exercise.
  36. Define the function f whose graph is similar to a "sine" function and satisfies the following conditions 
    • The period of f is 180 degree.
    • The function f has the amplitude of 3.
    • The function f has the highest value of 0 at x=135 degree.
  37. Modeling with Trigonometric Functions
  38. **Practice sheet for test 3-Spring 07 (Skip 4, 5, 6, and 7): Review for an old test 
  39. (Skip) Maple Exercise
  40. **Practice sheet for test 3-Spring 07: Review for an old test.
  41. (Skip) Maple Exercise for Trigs and Inverse Trigs.
  42. Review for an old test 4.
  43. Review for an old test
  44. Trigonometric substitutions.
  45. Review for an old Final.
  46. Extra Credits
Some on-line interactive calculator and software.
  1. Java applets
  2. Center of gravity, stock car and trigonometry (discovered by  Tommy Dickerson, a student of my Trig Spring 03)
  3. Interactive Algebra
  4. Test your knowledge on Trigonometry.
  6. Maple Equation Solver,
  7. Some simple exercises with Maple.


(Wei-Chi Yang).