Conservation of Area Transformation of a Triangle
Transformation of a Pentagon Billiareds(for Explorer 3.0 only)
Regular m/n-Polygon Finding angles(1)
Finding angles(2) Sum of three segments
Congruent triangles(1) Congruent triangles(2)
Dividing Triangle Changing Border Line
Eye Ball Three circles
Sum of three angles Sum of Outer Angles
Pythagoras Theorem(1) Pythagoras Theorem(2)
Congruent triangles(3) Congruent triangles(4)
Application of Alternate Segment Theorem Shadow of a Square
Dividing a Quadrilateral Polygon Creater
Polya's Problem Horizontal Machine
Dividing a Square Height of the Pole
Problem about Angles(1) Problem about Angles(2)
Folding Tape Pantagraph
Similar Figure Problem about Parallelogram
Peaucellier Apparatus Problem about Quadrilateral
Two tapes