Exercises on Quadratic Equations

Solve the following equations

  1. $6x^{2}-31x+40=0$ , Solution is : MATH

  2. MATH, Solution is: MATH

  3. $28x^{2}+17x-56=0$, Solution is: MATH

  4. MATH, Solution is : MATH

  5. $30x^{2}-83x+56=0$, Solution is: MATH

  6. MATH, Solution is : MATH

  7. MATH, Solution is : MATH

  8. $3x^{2}-5x-1=0.$ (There is no real solution, since $D<0).$

  9. Determine the value $b$ so that the equation $3x^{2}+bx+5=0$ has exactly one solution. (Hint: you need the discriminant MATH so $b^{2}=60,$ and $b=\pm \sqrt{60}$ $=\pm 2\sqrt{15}.$

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