Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the ideal that knowledge is constructed in an academic community of knowledgeable peer collaborators, that peer tutoring is collaborative learning, and that our center can create a place where students can talk to each other about their work and about their writing. In our center, writing is not treated as an isolated skill, learned by drills and rote, but rather, as part of the process of discovery and learning and sharing. Conversation is part of that process, always, and is an integral component of our system. Our tutors engage writers in discussions about their work, showing them how a reader thinks about a piece of writing. Our goal is to help students internalize the skills of dialogical thinking that a mature writer uses. 


Tutors guide students as they explore assigned topics, learn strategies for generating ideas, and discover methods of development and organization. Tutors also help students with drafts by reviewing rules of grammar, punctuation, organization and general rhetorical skills. 

Students with Special Needs 

Radford's Writing Center is equipped to work with our international students. Our director is certified in Teaching English as a Second Language and the tutors are trained in these methods as well. In addition, the Center for Special Services has provided our staff with background and strategies for tutoring our learning disabled students. For students with physical disabilities, the Writing Center has special entrances; we are prepared, however, to meet students in other, more convenient, places on campus. Tutors have also worked with interpreters and readers. 


Writing assignments are an essential element in a student's educational experience. We encourage all students who write and wish to receive constructive feedback to use our tutoring services. The Writing Center is located in Walker Hall, Room 129, in the Learning Assistance and Resource Center (LARC). For more information, please call 831-7704.

Please call, email, or simply stop by to set up an appointment.

Be sure to leave your name, RU ID#, and local phone number so we can process your request quickly.

Phone:  831-7704     Email:  larc@radford.edu

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