Workshops and Presentations

Learning Assistance and Resource Center tutors are available to do brief presentations in classes. During a short talk, the tutor will describe tutoring techniques, give location and hours, and answer questions from students. Call the Center to schedule a presentation. The LARC also offers a series of workshops for the classroom. Our trained tutors are available to present short classroom workshops on subjects specific to the academic tasks of your choice. In the past year, we have met with faculty members, talked about their students' academic needs, and put together presentations to serve classes across the curriculum.

 The following list will give you an idea of our catalog of activities:


  Note Taking and Reading Strategies
  Study Skills


Invention strategies


Drafting the essay


Starting the research paper


Organizing papers


Using sources


Integrating summaries, paraphrases, and quotes into a paper


Learning to document sources


Revising techniques


Peer group responding


Editing strategies for essay exams

In an attempt to individualize each workshop, tutors work closely with instructors in designing a presentation. The time frame, the class size, the amount of in-class writing, reading, and responding, and the "feel" of the tutor's presentation depend upon the professor's goals and requests. Please consider us as you plan writing assignments for this year. If you give us just a few minutes of your class time, we can assure appreciable returns.

Call for further details: 831-7704.

Please call, email, or simply stop by to set up an appointment.

Be sure to leave your name, RU ID#, and local phone number so we can process your request quickly.

Phone:  831-7704     Email:

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