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Under The Weather

Christian Keesee | Toon Manager
Published 02-17-06


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No Subject
Posted by David

hahahah oh man i heard he is in a comma or somthing oh well fucking drugs lol
Posted by jenny

oh my god, I love this.
No Subject
Posted by THE Blake

I hear this.
No Subject
Posted by grace face

Posted by kristen

this one is hilarious! great job!
British Weatherman
Posted by Michael Conner

So true! Is this guy British, "colour"????
No Subject
Posted by Christian

I always spell colour that way cause I thought thats how it was spelled til people started correcting me. Now I do it to be cool. Is it working?
Hell yes
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

Christian, you are SO cool!
Posted by Michael Conner

Oh bloody 'ell! British talk is great; keep up the colour usage and maybe we can have some tea and crumpets! I want to visit the U.K. one day just because they're talk so awesome.
No Subject
Posted by Andrew Lent

I have a tendency to spell certain words "Britishly" as well. I thought I was the only freak who did that without knowing why . . .
Um, Michael...?
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

Never mind the bullocks...it's bollocks
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

We do more than sit around and drink tea u know!if you ask me, flavour, colour, favourite it's all good! ;)
Posted by Sonya

Aww thats mean C-Money! Its not his fault some dude sold him bad drugs! Its still funny thou!
No Subject
Posted by Those with inside info

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