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Walt Rieker | Cartoonist
Published 11-4-05

Walt can't spell, so we get him to draw cartoons!

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No Subject
Posted by Lemon

Your mom should have a mute button!
No Subject
Posted by Lemon

Your mom should have a mute button!
No Subject
Posted by Lemon

Your mom should have a mute button!
Posted by Blake Fought

Time for Andrew to be proud: he's now comic-ized.
No Subject
Posted by Andrew Lent

I've been comic-ized a few times in this series.
Andrew has an afro?
Posted by Granticus Maximus

As a concerned global citizen I feel that this cartoon is obviously slanderous against Mr. Lent. I believe the correct quote was "bake me a pie woman!" This "sandwich" remark not only cheapens Mr. Lents mastery of the english language, but the slight lop side of his well groomed afro is a slap in the face of his obvious mastery over his folicles. I expect a full appology from Walt and demand $50,000 for damages to his charecter, plus 3 donkeys and a Volkswagen full of olives.
A Subject
Posted by Christian

I like Andrew's Afro.
afros are sexy!
Posted by daine

come on now, that girl is way too hot to be talking to andrew.
No Subject
Posted by John

So is this series just a lot of inside jokes or what?
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

I'm offended by this! This is worse than Christ on Campus.
Posted by John

My God...
Posted by Shaggy De' Shaggy

That girl has no belly button! She must be a clone!
Yummy Pies
Posted by Kim

Andrew beats me if I don't make him pies. So I am making him one right now (pumpkin..yummm.....but I'm not allowed to eat any)
das right
Posted by Negrodomus

still good to c dat bitches still know there place
hey now this i know about
Posted by gay balls

hahahaha this is great, my life parter always yells at me but it's all about the giants.......... i love this, byebye
No Subject
Posted by Kim

Yeah, I do know my place. and it is NOT in the kitchen. (okay, i'm not really okay with being in the kitchen slaving for some man unless I want to....just to clarify for those who didn't know I was kidding.......hope you did)
Inside Whim