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Walt Rieker | Cartoonist
Published 10-14-05

Walt can't spell, so we get him to draw cartoons!

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Julie's helmet was stolen!
Posted by Zoe

I don't think I could honestly see either Walt reading the Communist Manifesto (although Walt having anything to do with communism is kind of a funny thought) or Julie playing Final Fantasy VII. It would be like Martians and Plutoians switching planets ;P
Posted by Anonym Ass

Ahh yes to be well versed in the classics... Was Final Fantasy 7 set in China? If so then that's as close to the Communist Manifesto I'd ever want to be. 80% of the Chinese people work as peasant farmers and drive hand carts like taxi cabs. COMMUNISM WHAT A JOKE!!! If we had communism there wouldn't be enough video games for everyone to play.
No Subject
Posted by Andrew Lent

Your political views of communism aren't really relevant. Most people, especially people of politically active minds, have read the communist manifesto at one point or another.
Inside Whim