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Walt Rieker | Cartoonist
Published 03-10-06

Walt can't spell, so we get him to draw cartoons!

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No Subject
Posted by Halley

Awww, I missed schoolside so much... and I'm IN it now!!! :-D
No Subject
Posted by Kim

The same goes for Halo 2. If I had a nickel for everytime I heard the word "Halo" and "not tonight" in the same sentence, I'd be rich and buy Halley and I a sledgehammer to break video games with.
No Subject
Posted by david

andrew.... i play wow... my girlfriend hates it... i dont care.... continue the fight kisses
No Subject
Posted by John

My wife plays WoW with me... that's the trick!
No Subject
Posted by THE Christian Keesee

When we have blown the world all to hell and everyones dead, there will be cockroaches playing w.o.w.
Posted by Rick Snee

I need a newer computer so I can make my girlfriend a WoWdow.
No Subject
Posted by Andrew Lent

So what happens to someone's WoWdow status when the girlfriend plays the game... and LIKES it.
Inside Whim
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