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Walt Rieker | Cartoonist
Published 02-10-06

Walt can't spell, so we get him to draw cartoons!

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No Subject
Posted by Zoe

hahhahhahah...yay, Walt's back! (and so, apparently, is Andrew's hair...)
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

Andrew and Poprah Winfrey should have babies
No Subject
Posted by Patrick M

I saw this happen! You laugh but it happened in Greensboro NC
No Subject
Posted by Kim Owens

Oh my god....WALT! I swear, i've seen this a hundred times and i just keep laughing. I feel sorry for all of you who don't know Andrew, b/c this is FREAKIN HILARIOUS!
Indecisive here
Posted by Rick Snee

I can't decide which is funnier: this comic or the picture used for it on the "toon" page.
No Subject
Posted by Tricky Woo

There is no way the andrew guy's hair can be that big...is there?
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

Yeah...let's see a picture. I've never had the honor of meeting Andrew.
No Subject
Posted by THE Blake

Haha, so true!

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No Subject
Posted by CK

This is my favourite one so far! I was so confused when I first saw it without colour and once i realized what it was I laughed so hard. I actually LOLed.
Inside Whim
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