Walt Rieker | Cartoonist
Published 09-23-05

Walt can't spell, so we get him to draw cartoons!

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Robots From Uranus
Posted by Chrisitan Keesee

This one is my favourite so far. Keep it up!
Posted by tool

hahaha damnit... after reading this i had to change my pink shirt and switch into some jeans.. im keeping the visor though
pop it!
Posted by Marly

Pop that collar! ;)
No Subject
Posted by erok

you forgot the open container red cup.
No Subject
Posted by Patrick

Is that a comment on me always wearing cammo cut-offs? Dude thats all I wear.
No Subject
Posted by daine

i must say that is an excellent representation of camo. nicely done walt
No Subject
Posted by Zoe

Can't wait for the next one! ;)
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