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Veggies With Guns

Patrick McCormick | Cartoonist
Published 03-10-06

Patrick has a strange obsession with vegetables . . . I mean . . . real strange.

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No Subject
Posted by Halley

I like the Hamsters. They're pwning Andrew in the footrace... or at leas tthat's what I THINK is going on...
No Subject
Posted by THE Christian Keesee

I like the fact that the one hampsters is wearing those shitty playskool skates.(thats what it looks like anyways) Those things sucked.
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

WHat about the rabbit? Whats up with that!
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

The hamster in the playskool skates!!! Funniest thing EVER!!!
No Subject
Posted by Luke Rogers

No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

Go broccoli!
No Subject
Posted by Blake

The sword Andrew has kinda looks like it's been stabbed through him, even though it wasn't intended that way. Still an interesting comic though. Is the one tonight a sequel to let us know who won?
Posted by PMBlues

I've seen some STRANGE things before. But this is quite possibly the most strange thing I've seen. I don't know just yet I have to look at some of my friends again. :)
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