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Christ On Campus

Christian Keesee | Toon Manager
Published 10-26-05


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Posted by Andrew Lent

Christian, this is great! When you approached me about this idea, I thought it would be done in a way more offensive manner, but as last week proved, offense can be taken no matter what.

I know the comments will come, and most likely people will be unhappy. However, let's please keep it civil and with a minimal amount of profanity. The degree in which the last discussion degenerated was rather unbelievable.

Posted by Michelle

This comic can be taken so many ways. I'm waiting for the backlash...

It looks great, Christian; keep it up!

Posted by Shanetta

Now this one is good!!! ;)
Posted by Sonya

short and to the laugh i love it! lets see what people have 2 say this week=) keep up the great work! Ur awesome!
No Subject
Posted by kristen

the quality of this toon is way better than your past ones! good job.... the scenario is just as great.... as always... keep up the good work and i cant see what happens next as far as the comments and the next comic! Awesome!
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

Posted by David

haha I like it makes me giggle
No Subject
Posted by missy

LOL, i love this one!
No Subject
Posted by Heather

Haha.. This is great...
great job
Posted by walt

You knew I'd bite, so here goes....
Posted by Blake Fought

Michelle's right. I'll bite. No, I'm not as offended as the past one, so it's almost all good. Only problem I have with this one is it's portraying the Cross-carrying as a funny thing when it really wasn't. If this were to be realistic, try drawing it like the pic at this link:

I just don't get why we have to use Christ or religions in general as a thing to laugh at. Sure, the punchline can be funny but in context, it's not.

That's like having me start a comic using Buddha as the punchline. Heck, the opener could have some guy asking Buddha "So...when are you joining Weight Watchers, Buddha?".

Sure it would be funny, but when you poke fun with religion, you have to expect responses. I find it offensive and no one will change it. If you (the reader of this comment) think otherwise, fine with you. It's my opinion.
Great toon, man
Posted by Patrick

Loved it. Showed it to my roommates. They loved it.
I'd wouldn't mind . . .
Posted by Andrew Lent

I wouldn't care if someone did a Buddha cartoon.

I mean, it's like Homeless Hal the Streetside Clown. Sure, it made fun of a homeless guy who dressed up as a clown and used drugs and was an alcoholic. Everyone laughed, hurrah, it was funny. Anything funny has its roots in truth.

I applaud you Blake, even though you were offended, I think you handled yourself admirably.

I Agree
Posted by Christian

The only thing I want from these are opinions. If someone doesnt like it, let me know. If one happens to be offended I wanna know. As I have said before I just appreciate the fact that someone looked at it and let me know what they thought. I wasn't trying to bait ya Blake, if it seems that way, that was not my intention. Just know that I'm really not that much of a jerk to do something just to tick people off.
Very nice
Posted by Bryan McBournie

I think my favorite part is the fact that he is wearing sandles. Or as some call them on campus, Air Jesus.
No Subject
Posted by Kim

I'm not offended, but I thought people would think this one was worse. I'm glad that Christian isn't afraid to publish what may offend people. I'm waiting for the day I get offended.
Posted by Blake Fought

After sitting over it and thinking about it, I have to change my mind. I couldn't help but keeping it in the back of my mind and with a bit of prodding (*whink*), declare this comic digusting.

But to avoid flying off the handle like a raging lunatic like I tried to avoid in my previous comment, I'll just say that things have to be done about this series. I would ask anyone offended but afraid to admit it or simply offended by it in general to email me (and for those of you who simply want to SPAM me, don't - that's a warning.) at befought@radford.edu.
Like what?
Posted by Andrew Lent

What has to be "done" about this series?
No Subject
Posted by Jess

Loves it! it turns me on.... haha
As I see it....
Posted by Blake Fought

As I see it, it either goes back to the joke there was in the first one or it is cut from Whim.

This type of stuff isn't something I endorse and wonder why any other Christian would. Sure people here will hang me and I'll get the "SHUT THE #$%& UP YOU #$%^&*$%^%^ IDIOT!" responses but I'm not backing down. It's offensive.

Ever Thought About It Like This?
Posted by Christian

You look at this and it shows Jesus carrying a cross. Is that offensive? No, its just him carrying a cross. What is probably offensive is the fact that the boy is saying "Why?! He's only carrying one thing". That is in fact where the jokes lies. Not that Jesus is carrying a cross, but that people are so desensitized to the fact that Jesus carries the weight of the cross which symbolizes the sins of everyone. How is this toon a bad thing? People probably looked at this, shook their head and went ohhh no as they laugh. Why are they laughing? Because it is pretty screwed up for two guys to be like, its only one thing. People laugh because it is "so wrong". I would recommend that before you become offended, take a minute to possibly think about things a bit.
look on the bright side
Posted by daine

well hey at least he only has to make one trip
"So wrong" = so right?
Posted by Blake Fought

"People laugh because it is 'so wrong'."

So, since it is "so wrong", does it make it right to laugh? The comic takes a painful thing, the carrying of the Cross, and turns it into a thing of laughter. Is the laughter justified? Be warned: for there is a difference between laughter of comedy and laughter of insult.

Take for example a male being kicked in the crotch. People laugh at this although it is by all right, not funny. There is a difference in the laughter of a guy being kicked in the crotch then some slapstick gag.

I issue a warning to those who are Christian, not to laugh. Your Lord went through pain and suffering unjustly handed to Him to carry the Cross and die upon it. He died to save your soul from your sins and to laugh upon his sacrifise is sick.

Here is my final warning, for it is written: "But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven." (Matthew 10:33, NIV).
Some thoughts
Posted by Andrew Lent

If we recall last year, Brian Erskine wrote an article that got anywhere from 120-200 replies (as soon as the archives are finished, we can look it up). This said article was written from a very Christian, conservative, viewpoint. In a few words, it said that Christians were right in their religious viewpoint, here is certain facts to back it up, everyone else is wrong, and oh yeah, they are going to hell.

Whether Brian Erskine meant it that way or not, it was taken that way by his readership. There was an uproar at Brian's intolerance, even threats of violence against him. To be honest, I think Brian Erskine (with a certain bit of apprehension) liked the attention it got and was motivated to write. At the same time, people came to read Brian Erskine and vehemently disagree with his positions.

People asked me, "Why do you let a guy with such a narrow mind write things like that in Whim?" "You shouldn't publish that garbage!" "It is hate speech!"

I didn't see it in Brian's article and I don't see it now in Christian's comic. If I actually thought something qualified as "hate speech" I wouldn't publish it. However, whether something is published is entirely on me and it will continue to be so until next April when I am no longer the head of Whim Internet Magazine.

Just because people are offended, doesn't mean I am going to remove it at all. In my experiences in life, people get offended by all sorts of things. There are people on this campus who are offended by an overt outpouring of Christianity in their publications, they don't want the Christian message pushed down on them. Should I remove any articles written about a religious tone?

Another thing to look at is that Christian was raised in a Christian household. He understands the messages, he understands the symbolism, he knows the ins and outs of the religion, so I hardly see this as being hateful. It seems that some people can't fathom that certain members of the Christian faith can actually find the situation humerous.

How many letters have certain posters on here written to the producers of Family Guy, a cherished a beloved show all around that has poked fun at Christianity . . . heaven forbid we mention South Park.

Alas, Whim is not a conservative or a Christian publication. This doesn't mean staffers don't share these traits and it also doesn't mean a liberal/atheist policy runs it. We are a news and entertainment magazine. If we are to take Brian Erskine's logic that a publication represents its constituents, and then we look at the responses (sans one or two vocal people) I would say the outcome of this Toon is positively received. I would also like to say several Christians have found it funny.

In the end, everyone is titled to their opinions, everyone has the right to express them, I encourage people to express them, but I highly doubt any Christians won't make it to Heaven because they chuckled at this cartoon.

No Subject
Posted by David

Nice response Andrew, you beat me to it. I found this comic hilarious, and yes, the humor lies in the offense to be taken.
what I think...
Posted by David

I honestly think Blake is just trying to start an up roar of comments. I think its best to just let him win on this one, if no one argues with him he will get bored and leave. The only reason hes starting back up is because this was the kids weekend. This was the most fun the guy had all year. So from now on instead of fighting back with Blake just post comments about what you like about the comic.
I am a Christian But not offended
Posted by Ali

I am a Christian thats what I live for. Yes the comic can be taken straight to the heart and be offensice.But its all in how you look at it. If you go out looking for things to offend you then your life is going to SUCK. This cartoon for me personally wether it was meant to or not served the message. Christ carried our sins alone on the cross no he did not need help. Chirstian, do what you do boy. There is going to be someone to always be all negitive about these things. There is more than one type of person out there, therefor there is more than on opinion. The bible itself says to learn discipline is to tolerate the things that personally hurt you, and to move on and love the person who hurt you.
I'm not trying to incite argument.
Posted by Blake Fought

I'm offended and I'm letting it known. I'm not the only one. If you could link Brian's article to this, Andrew or somebody, that would be great.
kind of off topic huh?
Posted by David

Instead of turning this into I hate Brian Erskine, let's talk about the cartoon.

Brian might have been writing something tough about an issue, but he respected people and didn't poke fun at them. Nearly every one of Brian's articles on Whim this year are based on fighting stereotypes and ending intolerance. Go in Vent and his staff page and check it out if you want the proof.

This is exactly the kind of reaction I got, but not as bad, when I commented on Patrick's article last week and Andrew jumped all over me. I would like to read Brian's article from last year so that I can find out whether or not he was being "intolerant" or honest. I'm a Methodist and I clearly share my faith with people and also readily pray for their lost souls. That DOES NOT mean as Andrew would imply, that I am intolerant. Intolerance is not even letting people share their thoughts. Intolerance is Ireland and Middle Eastern type religious war.

From the way it sounds, there was a lot of comment on his article last year. He entertained people's comments and responded. That sounds like the open arena of ideas to me.

Just for those of you who care, there are A LOT of people that come here just to see what Brian is writing about. I don't always agree with him, but he makes people think. Instead of arguing the ideas with him, people want to destroy him as a person.

No Subject
Posted by Buddha

bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh oh god hahahaha 1pt buddism 0pt Christianity bwahahahahahaha
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

I don't like it. Enough said.
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

I agree with Blake Fought: "Your Lord went through pain and suffering unjustly handed to Him to carry the Cross and die upon it. He died to save your soul from your sins and to laugh upon his sacrifise is sick." ...couldn't have said it better myself.
Who Cares
Posted by John

"Just for those of you who care, there are A LOT of people that come here just to see what Brian is writing about." Who cares. I look at these comics everyweek. Just because they don't make me think doesnt mean that his articles are more important or better than this cartoon. They make me laugh, but I guess it isn't good enough for a bunch of easily offended bible huggers.
What did I tell you son?
Posted by MOM

Posted by Christian

"He died to save your soul from your sins and to laugh upon his sacrifise is sick." Did you even look at this comic? Or did you just immediatly become offended? Do i depict Jesus hanging on the cross? No. There two guys are disrespecting Jesus, that is how many people are! You're offended by a comic that depicts how people in society actually think? So you don't like it? Fine, but chances are, by posting scriptures you are not going to save anyone. People are so offended by this, but it is an internet site. You had to make your self click on the toon and scroll down to view it. I do not think people who laugh at this are sick.
What did I tell you son?
Posted by MOM

I told you when you discussed this with me that you were going to get numerous responses. I know that the actual humor in this is NOT the down playing or sacrilege of Jesus carrying the cross and minimalizing it's burden. The only humor intended here was the IRONICAL, SATIRICAL comedy of the IGNORANCE in our society. There are people out there, believers as well as non believers, who react on a daily basis in this type of thoughtless behavior. It is a toon meant to show you that, as well as, maybe, just maybe get you thinking of that tremendous burden. I think it highly commendable that several of you are ready to stand up and fight and dismantle anything you feel bashes your God/religion, but please stop and say a prayer before jumping into debate and let Jesus work with your heart. There are so many ways to take any type of literature/drawing. Look past your initial reaction and dig a little deeper. I know when I sit and look at this, it burdens my soul for the ignorance of people that believe Christ carried just a "light" weight for us, but there are plenty of those out there. They will be accountable one day. But more so than this, it burdens my heart to know what a HIGH price our Saviour paid to give us the right of these choices we have today. Just remember that just because these are referred to as CARTOONS, that does not mean you are necessarily reading a total COMEDY. Toons can reflect many things. Christian, I love you and I hope you will continue to be bold in your quests, but do please pray for discernment in your choices as I do not ever want you to jeopardize your eternity. It is my prayer that God will use you as a light to get people looking deeper within themselves on the many issues and questions I know dwell within your thoughts. I am not sure where this is leading, if anywhere, but I certainly know that God can do good with all things. Again, I love and support you in all that you do. Mom
Just One Quick Thing
Posted by Christian

I do not draw my toons to be controversial or to envoke much thought. The thought process behind any toon that I have EVER made should be very simple. I don't want people to have to think too deeply about something. I am not trying to be a voice for religion or a voice against it. I will remind people next week that I draw toons because I like drawing toons of all types, not just religous controversial ones.
If you had a real set
Posted by Peter

Try your clever humor on muslims...I'm sure you've got the nads to do that....Right Christy? Christianity = TArget Islam = Protected and sacred Real brave. What in the hell are they teaching you guys in that hellhole of a school.
Posted by Christian

I'm not sure what you are trying to say here man. It is very confusing. Are you threatening me or something? I'm just very confused as to what you are trying to say.
Posted by Blake Fought

Are you for or against the comic?
Posted by justin

Blakes offended? who gives a shit
I think people misunderstood me . . .
Posted by Andrew Lent

It was not my intention to say that I thought Brian's article was intolerant, so if I gave that impression, I apologize.

My intent was to say I thought people were expressing knee-jerk reactions in both instances. There were the same general kind of emotion that has been expressed in his that has been expressed by a few individuals in this cartoon. The same kind of reaction from people who have not bothered, or don't care, or just don't see the deeper meaning behind the statements.

I will link the article as soon as the archives are finished. I think season 16 is done, 17 (which is wear the article is) will be done when we come back from Kansas City. Then people can read it and the comments to there heart's content.

Again, there is a misconception that I am coming down on Brian for his article. I am not. I am not saying one is better than the other. I am simply saying there was a similar emotional reaction from two very opposite camps.

I'm also expressing everything from a personal standpoint, and I want to make that very clear. This is not me speaking as the director of Whim in any manner.

Posted by Peter

I;m saying it's easy to take a pot shot at christians...because that seems ot be politicaly correct. I think your cartoon is a petty swipe at a beleif syste. NOthing more...NOt htat funny. I'm saying to you...If you had done oyur cartoon on Muhhammad, you would have been falling all over yourself to say this in no way was meant to deride the glorious prophet(may allah bless his name) As it stands, at radford U, It's quite fine to beat up on chritianity...It's even PC to do so. BTW, how does it feel to be that racist?
Posted by Ali

What exactly was that comment about. When did Christianity did a color or race. Let me personally thank you for making all religous people sound like JERKS. By the way next time you want to rag on someones work make some sense.
Posted by Christian

Ok well Peter, first off, Racism has to do with race. Not religion. Second, bashing Christianity is politically correct? I'm not bashing christianity and if i did do one on Muhhammad I would NOT be falling over myself. People have different views and beliefs, and frankly you don't know mine. I'm not here to offend people. You can't judge someone from a comic, just like i try not to judge you from your poor typing skills and the fact I can barely understand what you're trying to say.
No Subject
Posted by Zoe

I love this one! Very clever

And Blake, I think everyone knows that the cross carrying was not a funny thing. Who says this toon was supposed to be funny anway? For all we know it could have been making a social commentary.

Posted by David R

I'm with Justin D on this one, we offended Blake. So who actually cares? I mean I don't give a shit about him? He and Brian can't take away the toons, you wanna know why blakie poo? because its freedom of speech. You know how you can blast your Religous views on us? well thats your freedom as well, and no one can stop you from bitching. So the real point of this is WHY are you bitching if nothing will be done about it? are you that desperate for attention? You have your views good, you have stressed them overly. Now your just being an idiot, your beating a dead horse. Why can't you just be a good christian? why can't you work on yourself? why must you try and push other people around? I don't think anyone would ever be scared of you hand to hand so you try and bully people with words. Your a pussy and im sick of this shit. ITS A CARTOON. If you can't take it then don't click on the toons section, SCROLL down to Christ on Campus,and click on it. PROBLEM SOLVED you pathetic kid.
Posted by David

Posted by Peter "Try your clever humor on muslims...I'm sure you've got the nads to do that....Right Christy? Christianity = TArget Islam = Protected and sacred Real brave. What in the hell are they teaching you guys in that hellhole of a school."

Wow you have succeded in looking like a moron. Way to go "Peter" not only do you sound like you don't have a clue what your talking about you also fail to bring up any valid point.

So Christian has satired HIS own religion, and you portay this as being weak? Because you think hes SCARED of muslims? You must have a different portray of muslims in our society. I believe you should go to the VENT section of the whim and catch the article about myths of Islamic beliefs. It doesnt take any more or less "nads" to talk about muslims, but seeing as how Christian isn't farmiliar with their beliefs I doubt he will make a cartoon about it.

This Is Ridiculous
Posted by Michelle

OK, when did Brian Erskine say something about this comic? Andrew mentioning an article of his that caused similar reaction does not equal "Brian hates this comic." (I don't know whether he does or not, but I don't see where he's commented.)

Also, it's a comic--nothing more. If Jesus were alive today, he'd say to let it go, be tolerant.

P.S. - Zealotry does not equal divinity.

No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

Just like you have the freedom to make this toon, christians have the freedom to express their dislike of it. Nothing is going to change anybody's mind. If you're going to make these toons then be ready for the disapproval along with the approval. Maybe you didn't mean them in an offensive way, but realize that not everybody is going to look at them the same way that you do.
Yes, I Know
Posted by Christian

Yes, I know. I never said they had to like it.

As for Brian Erskine, he did express his hate for this comic but not on this comment board.

No Subject
Posted by Kate

I lovethis cartoon and anyone who doesnt should go suck on a lemon. Yeah i said it!
Wait a sec...
Posted by Blake Fought

"If Jesus were alive today, he'd say to let it go, be tolerant."

I'd be very careful putting words in the Lord's mouth.
No Subject
Posted by Frank

You guys are nuts.
how dare you Frank!!
Posted by nuts

I FIND YOUR COMMENT OFFENSIVE!!! i am now going to post to you why it offends me till i get you shut down!!
Posted by Michelle

A: Christian--Brian made a comment not on this message board that I was not aware of when commenting earlier, so shame on me. I have since been made aware.

B: Blake, I was not putting words "in the Lord's mouth"; but he was a tolerant man who would let something like this comic go. And since when did any of us understand the psyche of a man who lived 2,000 years ago?

This is a Toon Section
Posted by anonymous

Personally, when I go into Whim and click on the Toon Section, I am looking for Cartoons. I am not necessarily looking for "funny", but I am definitely not looking for a campus chat room. Comments are just that, COMMENTS. They need no rebuttle or arguments. I believe there are plenty of avenues for this type of hype out there. The Toon Section will suffer if this continues. There are many other websites I can go to. Thank you for your efforts.
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

Not my Intention
Posted by Blake Fought

"Personally, when I go into Whim and click on the Toon Section, I am looking for Cartoons. I am not necessarily looking for "funny", but I am definitely not looking for a campus chat room. Comments are just that, COMMENTS. They need no rebuttle or arguments. I believe there are plenty of avenues for this type of hype out there. The Toon Section will suffer if this continues. There are many other websites I can go to. Thank you for your efforts."

Be advised, this is not my intention. I'm all for free expression in this section of Whim. However, as we know in this country, not all expression can be made. I'm all for comics if they are in good taste. This one I feel is not. It attacks religion. If it were to attack Muslims next week, I would defend their cause. If it were to attack (fill in religion here), I would defend their cause. There is no cause to make comics poking fun at religion. It is wrong.
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

Why? Who cares why are you defending somthing that doesnt even exist.Its a belief simply put, maybe you believe it to exist on a higher level but its not REAL. So why bother defending it if no one asked you to.
No Subject
Posted by Blake Fought

"Who cares why are you defending somthing that doesnt even exist."

Says who? You?
"some anonymous whim reader"
Posted by anonymous

It troubles my heart to hear "defending something that doesn't even exist". I certainly hope you are referring to the comment about "other religion" not being posted into this comic. I pray for you if you are indeed referring to your eternity. There is an Almighty God and there are very strict guidelines for what he expects from us. There is a Heaven and a Hell and there is only one way to either of them. May God be with you.
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

who says you?
No Subject
Posted by Heather

Insert Stupid/Random Christian Comment Here.
This is one of the most Ignorant things that I've heard before
Posted by Brian Seay

Here is what Some Anonymous Whim Reader said: "Why? Who cares why are you defending somthing that doesnt even exist.Its a belief simply put, maybe you believe it to exist on a higher level but its not REAL. So why bother defending it if no one asked you to." So your saying that Blake's beliefs isn't real? That Christianity isn't a real belief? I'm not trying to start anything but I just want to get this straight in case and if I've misunderstood you then fix me. You know what, by all of the violence that we have in this world today, I think we all need some faith and beliefs in our lives--a belief of a Heaven/Hell, a belief that there is a MUCH HIGHER power then anything in this world, and believe in the End of Days and that it is coming. So how dare you to say to anybody to "defend somthing that doesnt even exist". That is very ignorant!
Posted by Adam Frazier

This toon is very funny Christian, and I wouldn't worry about any of the negative comments made towards it.

It's easy for me to see what your intentions were, and being confident in my own beliefs I can laugh at it without getting offended. I'm sure most of the people here who got uptight about it are probably the same people that block out ANY type of media that goes against their own beliefs and views. Also, I think someone said they thought the funniest part was him wearing sandals - what about the slacks? Priceless.

No Subject
Posted by don't worrie about it......

man you really suck
Posted by George

Man Christian you rock!
Two things
Posted by julie

two things: 1. if you know that this cartoon will offend you and you dont want to be offended...don't look at the cartoon 2. don't attack the people who hate this cartoon, they have as much right to openly disagree with the cartoon as you have to openly praise it and in case you're wondering, i personally enjoy this cartoon
Is this a joke?
Posted by Cary

All of these comments over one funny little cartoon? It's only 2 scenes, and somehow the artist has blasted Christianity? I appreciated Adam's comment that he is secure enough in his faith to be able to enjoy the comic. And as for those who found the cartoon in 'bad taste,' great. I don't like pickles. They taste bad. But I don't mind if you like pickles...they may not taste so bad to you...so enjoy your damn pickles. but if I had my way, there wouldn't be any yucky pickles anywhere. Oh, and as for the 'be advised' comments (that come off sounding like threats) please know you have been advised to practice some tolerance. I love how when people become offended, they somehow make it their 'moral duty' to protect the rest of us from being 'exposed' to such atrocities. I'd rather you be offended, and then I still get to laugh my ass off. Don't try to censor the world to fit your mold. Great toon, I love the debate and recognition it has brought to it and you, and I hope you continue to push the envelope with your work.
to Cary
Posted by David

I love you, you really nailed it.
Last comment
Posted by Blake Fought

This will be my final comment on the series, barring any unforeseen complaints. I think my views and the views of those I represent have been heard and I am backing away from fray after praying and thinking on it.

I haven't changed my stance but for the sake of the University and Whim and based on the response on my prayer from the Lord, I have backed away.
Sophisticated, elegant satire
Posted by Zoe's Mom

Christan, it's unfortunate some of your detractors are too upset to recognize your toon for the fine satire that it is. (Satire, defined as: "A literary work in which human vice or folly is ridiculed or attacked scornfully;" "irony , derision, or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice, or stupidity.") It's obvious you're directing dirision at the two students and their folly, not at Christ! However, some people will always consider humor of any kind on the subject of religion to be inappropriate, even if it actually supports their belief system. But I think it's a witty and well drawn toon, as sophisticated as anything you might see in the pages of "The New Yorker" magazine. Good work!
No Subject
Posted by Jessica

"It's obvious you're directing dirision at the two students and their folly, not at Christ!"~~~i hope ur joking and~~~"But I think it's a witty and well drawn toon, as sophisticated"~~~i agree well drawn, christian has talent but the rest~what the hell r u talking about?
Posted by Marianne

Christian this cartoon rocks... It shows exactly what so many christians are fighting against. Taking Christ as a joke. He is not a joke, if you're a christian. I believe that I have been told by friends, pastors, and other christian people that they are trying to spread the "word of Christ." Well, what happens when the word becomes a joke? This cartoon brings to light that many individuals do take Christ as a joke, and SOME people I think just like attention. Good job Christian. I for one, being a Christian, loved it. I hope more people out there give Christ the recognition He deserves for taking our sins on. After all, who helped Him take on all our sins in the first place? PS- God has a sense of humor too. Or else why would He have made the platypus? Really now...
Posted by grace face

geeeeeeez people let it go already! do you have nothing else to do than to fight about a flippin' cartoon?!?!?!? shewwww
Posted by Jessica

i thinkits important~u should 2
Good Stuff
Posted by Jamie

Christian, this is some good stuff dude, keep it up.
No Subject
Posted by Ken Ritz

Ignorance, ignorance, ignorance. One for each of the ignorant comics so far.
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

Jesus Christ is risen today! Hallelujah!!
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

dude ur gay man
No Subject
Posted by Bahhh

If you seriously think your "lord and savior" would hate you if you laughed at this comic, you are a sad pathetic fool, it's a petty thing to laugh at something, you guys sound like terrified followers of a dictator, like say, Hitler. Chill out.
Posted by Anthony

hmmm... I find this interesting. You mock Christ yet forget he carried this very cross to pay the penalty for your sin. I would get angry at such a display, but I'm not angry. Because, I know that whether you accept his free gift of salvation or not, you will bow before him and declare him as Lord. You may think I'm a fanatic, but maybe just maybe you'll think of me telling you this when you are on your knees before the God of the universe, and you'll wish that you didn't laugh... but laughing at this is no different than any other sin... and all sin will send you right to hell without accepting Christ's free gift of salvation. I wish you the best.
Posted by non yo biz

hey blake i thought you werent gonna waste yo time looking at the toons....cause obivously(sp) no one gives a shit about what you say!!!!!!!...loser
Christ and the cross.
Posted by Redneck Atheist

I posted this one on another cartoon, but I came across this one and said "snap". Christian use the sign of the cross as a symbol of how Jesus died for all our sins. But do you ever think how Jesus really feels about that cross he died upon?. Christians proudly display it everywhere. Paint pictures and cast depictions of his death in metal to wear around thier necks. But If I was Jesus and came back to earth. I think I would be avoiding every cross I saw. The memory of that event, I would think, would cause great stress. Have you ever seen " The Passion". Whooo, wouldn't want to go through that. And another thing. Who was Jesus trying to impress anyway. Christians believe, well most depending on which one you ask, that Jesus and God are basically the same person or thing. So if God died or maybe God in the form of Jesus died on the cross for sins he made up. Who was he trying to impress? And why did he have to die for something he made up? If he is an all knowing being and made us and the world, why couldn't he just change the rules? Why go through all the theatrics? Just a thought.......The Redneck Atheist.
it's not just that
Posted by PMBlues

If you read your Bible then you will know that it was just that he had to do that day.
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