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Christ On Campus

Christian Keesee | Toon Manager
Published 01-20-06


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No Subject
Posted by THE Blake

Great, all the comments are now gone - is there no way to bring them back?
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

Posted by Millhouse

That's awesome.
You amaze me!
Posted by Helen Blake

I've looked through some of your "toons" and all I can say is you are one brave young man. Not because you are willing to stand up for your right to free speech, but that you are brave enough to thumb your nose and mock a God who said "Be not deceived, God is not mocked. For, what-so-ever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." I have been praying for you because I felt a fear for you that I cannot explain when I looked at this stuff. You see, God doesn't need me or anyone else to prove that He is who He is. He is big enough to do that Himself. And, if you don't stop, repent and get saved, He will take care of you Himself. I love you enough to warn you. God is real, but I think you already know this. Don't you? In Jesus, Helen Blake
Posted by ken

I'm sure it is difficult depicting the person who died to save you from Hell... Don't stop though because freedom of expression is important. I hope though, that you believe. Hell sucks. Good Luck.
The kiss of death
Posted by Dennis L. Brown

Here I am, an irreverant at times reverend laughing at Christopher's cartoon. Only one problem. I am so completely computer illiterate that I can't see any of the others. (This is the one about JC complaining about looking too gay.) If anyone from my denomination figures out this is me there go my chances for the next placement. lol Go for it Chris. God does have a sense of humor.
Sense of humor...??
Posted by Cody

Obviously, God must have a sense of humor...Sometimes, maybe a sick one at that...??? =P Another great comic, keep them coming.
No Subject
Posted by Jess

This is SO STUPID!
Posted by francisco

is this guy implying that he's feeling the guilt of god? i doubt it. this comic is so offensive, stupid and not funny. u hurt god and all christians by writing this.
Do you think if Jesus came back today, He want to see another cross?
Posted by redneckatheist

Do you think if Jesus came back today, He want to see another cross?
Posted by redneckatheist

Christian use the sign of the cross as a symbol of how Jesus died for all our sins. But do you ever think how Jesus really feels about that cross he died upon?. Christian proudly display it everywhere. Paint pictures and cast depictions of his death in metal to wear around thier necks. But If I was Jesus and came back to earth. I think I would be avoiding every cross I saw. The memory of that event, I would think, would cause great stress. Have you ever seen " The Passion". Whooo, wouldn't want to go through that. And another thing. Who was Jesus trying to impress anyway. Christians believe, well most depending on which one you ask, that Jesus and God are basically the same person or thing. So if God died or maybe God in the form of Jesus died on the cross for sins he made up. Who was he trying to impress? And why did he have to die for something he made up? If he is an all knowing being and made us and the world, why could he just change the rules? Why go through all the theatrics? Just a thought.......The Redneck Atheist.
No Subject
Posted by Blake

Redneck, Christ died on the cross to save those who would believe in him from their sins. And Christians display the cross because it symbolizes the painful sacrifice that Christ gave when he died on the cross for us. We understand how painful it is and the cross is both a sign of hope but also a sign of rememberance because of how painful that sacrifice was.
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