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Fats and Ernest

Grant MacHamer | Events Manager
Published 02-24-06

Grant brandishes his broadsword in public.

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Posted by kristen

this is great... we all love goat sex and 3 foot wangs!
No Subject
Posted by Christian

HAHA I love these
No Subject
Posted by Zoe

This one's my favorite of the two. Great job!!! :)
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Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

Is it just me or does it seem like the Whim cartoon staff (Jenny and Grant) made these at the last minute as a response to this whole television coverage thing? They're not even well done. Heck, I could probably have made this cartoon in 3 minutes, easily.

By the way, I love the useless white space at the bottom of the cartoon. Amazing stuff...
No Subject
Posted by Christian

Actually they made them cause their funny, thats how they're supposed to look.
The white space at the bottom is about as useless as your comment.And it looks to me like you didn't draw anything so save it.
Grant I love the comic and jenny's too, there's too many haters in this world. Lets all hug.
In respone to some anonymous whim reader
Posted by Grant

Excellent point. Though you've found me out, in journalism and broadcast media, lots of stories get put in at the last minute in respone to current issues or developing stories( i.e. Christ on Campus). I certainly did do this at the last minute, the quality is questionable, and my photoshopping skils are sub-par, but I actually made one which expresse my viewpoints (however strange), which you to are welcome to do and I encourage. Though I'll take my critisism, I wont have you trash talking my white space like that. The white space is actually for self reflection, a kind of zen place where you can contemplate upon the toon. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Love Grant =)
white space
Posted by jenny

Extra White Space and the Many Untimely Deaths of Kinky Max are becoming toon section traditions - so deal with it, or else we'll send laser-eye jesus after you, too.
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

Grant, you just made that person who opposed you look like a real asshole in comparison. Good job! Just goes to show that nice, mature people always get the last laugh.

And the toon was VERY funny!

No Subject
Posted by Wilhelm Fink

I love white space. I say next week someone shoudl make one about kinky max stealing all the white space!
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

nice to see jenny undercased jesus when she spoke about him using laser eyes. The real Jesus would never do that, for He preached peace.
oh please
Posted by jenny

Oh no! They're on to my fiendish plot to destroy Christianity with lowercase letters! Whatever will I do?!

It was a typo, seriously. If I had a point to make, I wouldn't make it with capitalization.
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

Jenny and Grant rule!
No Subject
Posted by Meredith

undercase? Hey SAWR, that isn't a word and if it was it would be hyphenated. Go back to third grade. Jenny totally rules.
No Subject
Posted by Meredith

So does Grant
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

Wow, Meredith, I'm so intimidated. Whatever will I do?
Be afriad, be very afraid
Posted by audiophile

Um...SAWR, I know you don't know Meredith personally, so I would just like to let you know that you should be afraid...you should be very very afraid. ;-) Oh, and I'll add my support for Grant and Jenny while I'm here -- you guys do rock!
Posted by Katey

Absolutely love it Grant! Almost as much as I love you... sorry Zoe... I love you too :)
Wow, your funeral, some anonymous Whim-reading dude.
Posted by Rick Snee

There's a reason why Grant wrote about Christian and not Meredith. The joke behind the punchline is that it isn't Christian that kills drifters.
No Subject
Posted by Hunter

what's all this SAWR trash? get it right!!! it's sawr. for we cannot have capitalization for it is reserved for the holiest of holy. and meredith, next time you post, make sure to under-case...or as we intelligent people like to say "lowercase"...who do you think you are? Jesus...or Christian? gah.
Posted by jethro

the positive thing about your mag is that you aren't wasting paper when you print dumbshite cartoons.
No Subject
Posted by Bart

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