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Visual Sweets

Christian Keesee | Toon Manager
Published 03-31-06


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No Subject
Posted by Ray

No Subject
Posted by Kristen

Joanna and tinysaurus are my favorites... that and the zoe quote... the way you say it makes me wish i was there to hear it myself haha
Kill! Kill! Kill!
Posted by Rick Snee

Chester Cheetah was weak. He did not have a manly addiction like Joe Camel. I am pleased to see him weeded out for the sake of the cheetah gene pool.
No Subject
Posted by Ray

Just a question, and I dont know why I didnt think of it earlier... is the flower and betty boop an homage to Kerplunk and the dookie an homage to... well... Dookie?
No Subject
Posted by Christian

haha surprisingly no. The poop is supposed to be "holy shit". There are all kinds of cheesy puns in here. the flower is just a flower and betty boop is well...a greenday fan?haha
Grant's my bofriend!
Posted by Zoe

I actually think it's funnier when you say it, Christian :) (And I love Katey's F-bomb)
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