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Domestic Wars

Grant MacHamer | Events Manager
Published 03-24-06

Grant brandishes his broadsword in public.

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No Subject
Posted by Ray

Nice to see you can use MS Paint... Maybe KidPix next time?
No Subject
Posted by Andrew Lent

Love this, Grant! I'm glad you've become a regular cartoonist!
Sometimes I even put my name on my posts!!!
Posted by Ed

KidPix is my Jam!
No Subject
Posted by Adam Frazier

lol (that's right, I said it) @ Ed.

Maybe next week I'll bust out some spirograph art

Posted by Sal

in ________, do any of us realy win? a)war - b)alphabet - c)kitchen cookery - d)the end
No Subject
Posted by Zoe

I love the new style!!
No Subject
Posted by Christian

3D and everything. Grant went all out on this one!
No Subject
Posted by Steve

This is brilliant. My hat's off to you Granty boy.
Posted by Rick Snee

Of course Coffeemaker wins. With coffee, one does not need food.
tartar sauce
Posted by markee

i have a hard on for coffeemaker
No Subject
Posted by Fake Blake

Toasters and coffee makers are not in the Bible! That means toasters and coffee makers don't exist!
No Subject
Posted by Blake

Crap, I was pulling for the microwave oven thing too.
Inside Whim
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