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Name The Bands

Christian Keesee | Toon Manager
Published 04-28-06


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No Subject
Posted by David

Hahaha, excellent work Christian. I'll try to get through all these tomorrow.
i've seen you make out with a dude
Posted by Erin

i got most of them....but good signing off note...ooh yeah come back for my birthday......welp enjoyey the comics this year and i hope you will be back for anouther
No Subject
Posted by Ray

I havent heard Silverchair in a good while. And talking heads... clasic. Finally, I thought I was the only one here who appreciated Screeching Weasels. A Fat Wreck Chords fan are we?
Got most of them...
Posted by Michael Conner

The Sublime one is my favorite, that and hootie and the blowfish. Have almost all of them except for the elf rudolph plane one, Outkast perhaps!?
The Misfits
Posted by Tim Jackson

Hey Michael, I think the one stumping you is The Misfits, not Outkast.
No Subject
Posted by daine

3 inches of blood is awesome hahah excellent work ck
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

No Subject
Posted by Brandon

what is the buck toothed apple? and the heart?
Hey Brandon,
Posted by Tim Jackson

My guesses are Buck Cherry and Heart.
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

I think the heart is...Heart
No Subject
Posted by Christian

haha Tim's all over these
Posted by Patrick Carrico

I like the Alice in Chains one, and the Blue Oyster Cult one. Those are fun.
Posted by Michael Conner

Didn't think about that, Misfits; good catch Tim. I did like the Buck Cherry one as well. Clever. Tim Jackson and his 14,000 iTunes songs knows all.
No Subject
Posted by Blake

Yeah, I used to feel so proud of my ~3000 songs on iTunes until I heard about Tim's horde. Kudos, Tim.

Blake's Blog
No Subject
Posted by Andrew Lent

Pfft... Tim's music cannot compare to Halley's. I don't even know what the number total is, but it is over 90GB now.
Posted by Rick Snee

Billy Joel is my favorite.
No Subject
Posted by The American Left

The American Left believes that if there was no real meaning behind this and it was simply cartharsis then it is representative of the human spirit and that you should also try to put meaning in your work as a fellow Leftist.
No Subject
Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

The American Left apparently can't name all the bands.
No Subject
Posted by dan borrelli

this was good man. i love the billy joel and iggy pop. the rob zombie cracked me up too
Inside Whim
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