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Submitted For Your Approval (SFYA), Edition 8

Michael Conner Tech Manager
Published 03-10-06
Graphic By: Julie Brennan
  Disco Man
Dodging bullets is one thing, but how about race motorcycles speeding at outrageous speeds? This man has the skill. Maybe we should start calling him Neo.

  Turbo Tanks
This game looks a lot easier than it really is. Don't let simple graphics and game play fool you. Man the nearest polygon tank and get to work!

This game is really cool. You have 18 urban aspects at your disposal to build a town. If you build the town in the proper order, you will have won the game.

  Terminator 2
Okay, I know you may be thinking that this is similar to the Brokeback to the Future video; it doesn't, however, have any Brokeback connection! I especially like the use of the Goo Goo Dolls song "Iris" in the video. It is always interesting to see people make a farce of classic movies.

  Cows With Guns
To most people, cows do not mean much more than a whopper or big mac. One day, however, the cows will revolt against this senseless slaughter; cue Cows With Guns flash video. Special thanks to Amanda Radley and her brother Taylor Radley for the submission.

Know a bunch of funny websites, games or videos? Want to tell the world of the many goldmine humor websites that you are privy to? Submit your own! Have at least four websites/videos and send them to Michael Conner.

I'm seeing red.

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cows w/guns
Posted by shel sacks

just viewed COWS WITH GUNS. WOW! great stuff! ...shel
Posted by Some Old Fart

Glad somebody actually picked up on "Cows With Guns". It's good to know that people pay attention to what's posted here.
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