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Submitted For Your Approval (SFYA), Edition 12

Michael Conner Tech Manager
Published 04-14-06
Graphic By: Julie Brennan
   Picard on ABCs
Brian Nash submitted this video, and the first thing I thought to myself is "WTF?" I am not really sure what to make of it, but, nonetheless, it is pretty amusing. I'm sure you will think the same "WTF" after watching this video as well, so enjoy!

  Gamers' Anthem
Thanks to Helen Bono, SFYA finally has the ultimate anthem for any true gamer out there. After watching this video, if you find yourself thinking, "I have told my girlfriend that before," that means that you are a true, true gamer. Congrats to you, and enjoy a life of gaming, albeit a lonely one. But hey, who needs a significant other when you are conquering the deepest depths of Mordor?

  Yes, a Chuck Norris Game
The world is filled with Chuck Norris fans, and you may be one of them. Take control of the biggest, baddest man ever to set foot on this earth in this interactive game. The game may suck, but hey, you get to kick butt being Chuck Norris, what else can you ask for? Start kicking some bad guy butt in a way that only Chuck Norris can!

  Top 20 Strangest Gadgets and Accessories
Patrick Hunter-Kilmer and Michelle Pritchett brings SYFA this link to an interesting website that chronicles the "Top 20 Strangest Gadgets and Accessories" in recent history. Everyone's absolute favorites are on there, including: the Synthetic Human Skin Laptop Bags (it looks grosser than it even sounds), the BriefSafe (stains not included), the RSStroom Reader and the Radio Toaster. Check it out!

Know a bunch of funny websites, games or videos? Want to tell the world of the many goldmine humor websites that you are privy to? Submit your own! Have at least four websites/videos and send them to Michael Conner.

I'm seeing red.

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No Subject
Posted by Blake

"Picard on ABCs"

Uh.............ok. And Chuck Norris? Please. Jack Bauer. Enough said.
Posted by Michelle P.

No Subject
Posted by Michelle P.

Dammit...I did it again. As for the BriefSafe, the stain IS included.
Inside Whim
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