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Submitted For Your Approval (SFYA), Edition 11

Michael Conner Tech Manager
Published 04-07-06
Graphic By: Julie Brennan
   30-Second Bunnies
Here is a library of videos that parody mainstream movie classics with, you guessed it, bunnies. The kicker is that the animated bunnies act out the entire movie in a 30-second time period. It makes for some very interesting clips! A special thanks to Amanda Radley and her brother Taylor Radley for the submission.

   The Icon War
What desktop icon would win in a fight, the Diablo II icon or the Internet Explorer icon? Watch this video and find out!

   Super Mario Bros Beaten in Five Minutes
Just as the title says, here is a video of someone beating the entire Super Mario Bros game in just over five minutes. Believe it or not, this video is proof! A special thanks to Sarah Pearce for the submission.

   Boom Boom Volleyball
The intro to this game caught my attention: "Beat level 5 in this volleyball game and you get to play topless!" While this enticing intro is enough to catch the attention of many a male gamer, I dare you to actually reach level five! I tried. I failed. However, if you have more spare time on your hands, or you have the volleyball skill, you could reach such a high gaming achievement!

I'm seeing red.

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