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Submitted For Your Approval (SFYA), Edition 6

Michael Conner Tech Manager
Published 02-24-06
Graphic By: Julie Brennan Julie Brennan
Snoop Dogg speech is all tha rage. Howeva, actually being able ta fluently speak this new language can be a difficult undertak'n n sh*t. Gizooglizzles allows you ta input anotha website thiznat you wiznish ta reach in Snoop Dizzle tiznalk, n thiznen it translated tha entire text on tha website into Snoop's language.

  The Image Quiz
Jenny Conner found this ingenious little quiz that pulls images straight from a Google image search and asks you to identify the search term used to pull up the variety of images. It can get addicting if you (i.e. Jenny) are good at these types of quizzes.

In this game, you try to amass the biggest snowball you can by rolling it down a steep mountain slope. This game reminds me of a really old computer skiing game called SkiFree where you tried to make it down a mountain and not hit anything, but once you got to a certain distance, an Abominable Snow Monster always came out and ate you. So yeah, same concept, but with a snowball that grows as you progress down the mountain.

  Ultimate Showdown
This video is about a bunch of superheros, pop stars, and historical figures who battle it out for...the world?

Know a bunch of funny websites, games or videos? Want to tell the world of the many goldmine humor websites that you are privy to? Submit your own! Have at least four websites/videos and send them to Michael Conner.

I'm seeing red.

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