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PS3 Breaks Out the Big Guns

Michael Conner Tech Manager
Published 02-10-06
Graphic By: Stephanie Huppert
Although Microsoft beat Sony to the finish line in the newest generation of consoles, Sony has some tricks up its sleeve planned for the upcoming PS3. The last generation of consoles were quite different when compared to one another; the Sony PS2 came out nearly a year before the others, the Nintendo GameCube had no DVD capabilities but sold for less and the Microsoft Xbox had far superior technology. This time around, Microsoft beats the competitors to the market by nearly a year, as well. So the question arises: will the PS3 have better features and capabilities to compete with the Xbox 360?

Sony's planning to include quite a few goodies in the PS3 to have it compete with the Xbox 360 since Microsoft got the jump this time. Perhaps the biggest advantage that the PS3 may have over the Xbox 360 is DVR capabilities. While the logistics of the idea are still in the works, the idea is to get rid of the entire computer aspect that the Xbox 360 utilizes with Media Center PCs. Also, the PS3 is likely to have multiple versions like the Xbox 360; so some are likely not to come standard with a hard drive. This supports the rumor that DVR capabilities may act as an added function as opposed to standard equipment.

There are still many questions out there pertaining to the possibilities of DVR capabilities, like potential TiVo compatibility, but Sony has awhile to iron out the kinks. Current rumors are that the PS3 will reach the U.S. in time for the holidays.

A confirmed feature for the PS3 is its probable ties with the Sony PSP. Much like when Game Boy had its connection with the Super Nintendo, the relationship between the PS3 and PSP is likely to be a great deal better. Current plans will allow music transferring, video sharing (possibly from the DVR?) and interactive gaming, to name a few. This aspect will also help the PSP, since it is gearing up to do battle with the Apple iPod for market share. Both mobile devices have music and video capabilities, although each has their own benefits and weaknesses. The PS3 connection, in the end, may take the PSP a bit further than the iPod.

The PS3 will also compete with the Xbox 360 by creating their own form of Xbox Live. The addition of a centralized online service for the PS3 will help bring in some gamers that religiously play games like Halo 2 on Xbox Live for some of Sony’s proprietary games like Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy.

Other rumors even state that Microsoft may time their release of Halo 3 around the ship date of the PS3, but that has yet to be confirmed. Considering the massive delays Halo 2 had, the likelihood of Halo 3 actually making a projected date is nil.

As far as the Revolution is concerned, Nintendo hype has been fairly, but the word on the street has the Revolution shipping out in mid June of this year.

I'm seeing red.

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