Executive Board
Andrew Lent | Executive Director
Jenny Conner | Executive Assistant
Patrick Hunter-Kilmer | Head Copy-Editor
Julie Brennan | Graphics Manager
Katey Leiter | Life Manager
Michael Conner | Tech Manager
Adam Frazier | Ritz Manager
John Severino | Sports Manager
Zoe Brown | Vent Manager
Christian Keesee | Toon Manager
Grant MacHamer | Events Manager

Staff Members
Brian Erskine | Staff Writer
Brian Nash | Staff Writer
Brian Seay | Staff Writer
Brittany Stoll | Graphic Artist
Cary Thomas | Staff Writer
Christine Forte | Staff Writer
Cory St. Clair | Staff Writer
Dan Work | Staff Writer
David Barker | Staff Writer
Ed Porter | Copy-Editor
Emily Flora | Staff Writer
Helen Bono | Copy-Editor
Jamie Reedy | Graphic Artist
Jen Hight | Graphic Artist
Jessica Hirn | Photographer
Jessie Roudabush | Graphic Artist
Josh Mathews | Staff Writer
Logan Kline | Staff Writer
Mike Flick | Copy-Editor
Nathan Robertson | Staff Writer
Phil Hunnicutt | Staff Writer
Stephanie Huppert | Graphic Artist
Stephanie Taylor | Staff Writer
Walt Rieker | Cartoonist
Victor Crittenden | Staff Writer

Brent Whitlow
Brice Lovell
Gian Deguzman
Halley Miller
Jeff Clark
Meredith Jones
Omar Hossino
Patrick Carrico
Patrick Hornby
Ray Gunter
Shaun Corley
Shea Sizemore
Stephanie Rogers
Travis Hoge
Thomas King

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