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An Interview with Arthur Vasarevic

John Severino Sports Manager
Published 10/07/05
Graphic By: John Severino
Welcome to the interview section of Whim Sports. In this article you will have a chance to get to know one of the many talented athletes that play for Radford.

This week's interview features Arthur Vasarevic from RU men's tennis. The senior from Zagreb, Croatia is having an unbelievable season so far, going 7-0 in singles. Anyone who enjoys watching tennis should get out and see him play.

Vasarevic began the season going 3-0 at the Hampton Roads Collegiate Invitational in Virginia Beach, Va. There he claimed his first singles title of the season, defeating Milan Juricka, 7-5, 4-6, 7-6 (7) in the "B" final. Only a few weeks ago, Vasarevic won his second singles title at the UNC Fall Invitational in Chapel Hill, N.C. He defeated North Carolina's Will Plyler 6-1, 6-2 in the Yellow Bracket. With a 7-0 record in singles so far on the season, look for Arthur to continue his success on the court.

Now without further ado, I asked the questions, he answered them:

1. Why do you enjoy playing tennis?
I think tennis is a lot of fun. I started playing about ten or twelve years ago, so it is just something that I have enjoyed doing. My parents and brother also play, so I have always had someone to play with.

2. What made you want to come play for Radford?
Coach [Mike] Anderson had a friend that lived in Croatia, and he helped with the recruitment of European tennis players.

3. If you could improve anything about yourself, the team or the school, what would it be?
For the team, I would like to see a little more work done outside of our mandatory practice--a little more dedication. For the school, I like the campus a lot; however, I'm not a fan of the food in the cafeteria.

4. What goals do you wish to accomplish (or already have accomplished) this year?
I want to win the Big South. That's our number one goal. Everything else comes second, meaning we have all of these matches, but the playoffs are what counts.

5. Who is your favorite athlete?
Goran Ivanisevic. He had one of the biggest comeback wins in Wimbledon history, and I admire him for it.

6. What is your major?

7. What would you like to do after college?
I would like to go back home. I thought about playing tennis, but I also thought about going to medical school too. I guess time will tell.

8. What is your favorite food?
Steak and baked potato.

9. Who do you look up to the most?
I would say my mom. She raised both my brother and I by herself. I think that raising two kids by yourself would be extremely tough.

10. Hometown?
Zagreb, Croatia

11. What highschool did you attend?
Sportska Gimnazija (Sports Gym). My high school was mainly for selected athletes and students.

Thank you to Arthur for taking the time to do this interview. Be sure to check out next week's edition for an all new interview.

John is filling in for Dear Abby when not heading Whim's Sports Section.

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Yay tennis!
Posted by Zoe

I'm happy to see a little change of pace from the usual (aka football). Keep it up, John!
Very important question!!!!!
Posted by Jessie

John, you didn't ask about a girlfriend........ That is something that I really like to know : ) Thk yoooo
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