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Quick Comic Reviews: Avengers Assemble!

Shaun Corley Staff Writer
Published 03-24-06
Graphic By: Julie Brennan
Welcome back to this week's installment of Quick Comic Reviews, where, each week, I review the latest releases from various comic companies. Since there was no issue last week, I'm going to make up for it with some extra reviews, so grab your Yoo-hoo, and let's go.

Firestorm: The Nuclear Man (DC): When I was a child, Firestorm was one of my favorite characters, so, when they announced two years ago they were bringing him back, I was stoked. There was only one problem: the book sucked. Royally. I dropped the book not long thereafter and figured it would get canned soon enough. Well, somebody at DC must like the character too, because they gave the book a new writer, and, now, it's not bad. I haven't added it back to my pull just yet, but it's working its way there. In this particular incarnation, Firestorm is college student Jason Rusch, who, by possessing the power of the Firestorm matrix, can combine with another person and find himself with almost unlimited power. What I like about the book is that I can relate to Jason; he's simply a college student trying to balance college life with these awesome powers.

Son of M (Marvel): At the end of House of M, it was revealed that it had been Pietro Maximoff: Quicksilver, not the Scarlet Witch, who had reshaped reality and caused a good chunk of Earth's mutants to lose their powers. Now, Quicksilver finds himself powerless too and is on a quest to restore his super-speed powers. It's neat to see other mutants who lost an intrisic part of themselves thanks to Pietro. Other characters who remember the House of M reality have a bone to pick with him too: in issue one, Spider-man, who had his heart's desire in that world, took his anger over having lost it out on Quicksilver. It was a tense exchange, and one of the qualities that have made this book a must read for me.

The Atheist (Image): I heard a lot of buzz about this one and decided to try it. The protagonist of The Atheist travels around and attempts to debunk claims of ghosts, demons and so on. What creates the tension in the book is that, in its universe, this stuff is real, yet he continues to deny that it is. It's only one issue, so it's hard to determine what the rest of the book will be like. I'm intrigued, so I might come back to it.

Nightwing (DC): DC's One Year Later gimmick has caused me to pick up titles I hadn't before, Nightwing being one of them. For those of you not in the know, Nightwing is Dick Grayson, the former Robin. After reaching adulthood, he felt that he had outgrown the Robin persona and adopted the Nightwing outfit to signal his maturity. This issue, set one year after the events of Infinite Crisis, finds two Nightwings running around New York City. We know one of them is Grayson, but who's the other? That's what Grayson tries to find out, and, by issue's end, he's confronted the impostor. His identity isn't revealed, but it's pretty obvious who he is—or, at least, to me it was. This issue is the first from new writer Bruce Jones, and he's hit the ground running, setting up Nightwing's new status quo.

Ultimate Extinction (Marvel): This is final part of the Ultimate Galactus saga, a trilogy of miniseries introducing the Ultimate version of the planet eater as reimagined by Warren Ellis. In the regular Marvel Universe, Galactus is a gigantic man in a purple suit of armor who destroys planets. The Ultimate version is a swarm of insectoid machines that attacks a planet and strip it of life and resources. It's far more horrifying than it sounds; if you don't believe me, check out issue one, where its destructive process is described. Several plotlines are running through the series in addition to the coming of Galactus, such as the introduction of Ultimate Silver Surfer and his cult. I'm racking my brain trying to figure out how they're all going to fit together, but, in Ellis' hands, I know they will.

Runaways (Marvel): Have I told you how great this book is? I have? Well, I'm telling you again!

Don't tell Shaun Corley what he can't do!

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No Subject
Posted by Adam Frazier

House of M was awesome

I'm ready for Civil War, however - that looks like it's going to be the comic event of the year.

You always throw in a non-hero book or two.
Posted by Rick Snee

Which is what I tend to read nowadays. Thanks for being so thorough.

The Atheist sounds cool, almost like that old Nightstalker show from the early 80s.
Civil War
Posted by Shaun

I'm a hardcore DC fan, and even I'm stoked for Civil War. The preview in Wizard was really good.
Inside Whim
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