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Quick Comic Reviews: Bwah-ha-ha-ha

Shaun Corley Guest Writer
Published 03-10-06
Graphic By: Julie Brennan
Remember last week when I mentioned how small my pulls were getting? Well, I'm eating those words this week. This week's haul was the biggest in recent memory. So enough words: grab your Yoo-hoo, saddle up and let's get!

Red Sonja (Dynamite): I admit: the only reason I started picking this book up was because Mike Carey was one of the co-writers. So far, I've been pretty disappointed, and I suspect that this is because Mike is sharing the writing duties. Then there's all the pointless one shots the company keeps cranking out, such as Red Sonja: One More Day, Red Sonja Goes East and Red Sonja Saves Christmas (ok, so that last one's made up). I actually dropped the book, but somehow it's still showing up in my bag. I'm going to have to look into this matter. Anyway, this issue features guest writer JT Krul (never heard of him either). Not surprisingly, this was the best issue of the series I've read so far. I find myself wishing he would stick around, because then I would give some thought to doing the same.

Mouse Guard: Belly of the Beast (Archaia Studios Press): I'm knee deep in Brian Jacques' Redwall right now. It's about a group of mouse warriors preparing for the fight of their lives. It's really cool, so when I saw Mouse Guard which is along similar lines, I couldn't resist. Written and drawn by David Petersen, it is the story of three mice: Lieam, Kenzie and Saxon, who are investigating the disappearance of a villager, and wind up running afoul of a huge snake. After defeating it, they slice it open and find the body of the missing villager, and discover there was more to him than meets the eye. I'm not one for the fantasy genre, but I enjoyed this book immensely. Want to hear some good news? A lot of other folks did too - the book sold out of its initial printing, something unheard of for a new property from a small press.

Untold Tales of the New Universe: Star Brand (Marvel): The New Universe was a failed attempt by Marvel in the mid-80's to start... well... a new universe. The line originally consisted of several titles, Star Brand being one of them. After a few years, the line fell into obscurity, making small appearances here and there. Marvel is bringing it back for its 20th anniversary by publishing these Untold Tales one-shots, which serve as the New Universe's last hurrah before Warren Ellis re-imagines it later this year in newuniversal. Since I know next to nothing of the Star Brand concept, I had to do some catching up (thank you Wikipedia!). I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would, and it wasn't without its lighter moments, particularly when fun was poked at the fashions of the 80's (because parachute pants and mullets are always good for a laugh). I think if the line had had this much quality during its initial run, it might have stuck around.

Batman Annual (DC): Annuals were a big part of the comic book experience from the '70's up through the early '90's, but then they fell by the wayside. Last year Marvel resurrected them, and now DC joins the fun. In case you're out of the loop, the big event in Batman's life over the past year has been the return of Jason Todd, the second Robin, who died in 1988 (our time). The big question was how, and this annual answers that question. I won't spoil it here for you, but let's say that it's related to the Infinite Crisis shenanigans going on in the DC Universe right now.

Justice League Unlimited (DC): This is the comic book based on the super awesome cartoon. Much like its televised counterpart, JLU, features adventures starring the rich array of characters from the DC Universe. The comic went places the cartoon hasn't gone, namely in terms of guest stars. One issue spotlighted the supernatural characters, such as Etrigan, The Phantom Stranger and Zatanna, while another featured Space Cabby (!) and yet another starred Uncle Sam and The Freedom Fighters. DC's western characters come to the fore in this issue, namely Batlash, El Diablo and a guy who's rapidly becoming one of my favorite characters: Jonah Hex. I hope this comic keeps going once the show goes off the air later this year.

Nextwave (Marvel): You have to love a comic with the slogan "Healing America by Beating People Up." And you have to love a comic in which the villain declares: "Fin Fang Foom Puts You in His Pants!" and then tries to do just that.

Don't tell Shaun Corley what he can't do!

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