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Quick Comic Reviews: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet...

Shaun Corley Staff Writer
Published 04-21-06
Graphic By: Julie Brennan
Big events are weaving their way through titles from both companies. Of course, Infinite Crisis is wrapping up at DC, but One Year Later is off and running, with 52 on the horizon. Over at Marvel, Planet Hulk is making waves, and the cosmic Annihilation is just getting underway. In May, Civil War kicks off. This week, I'll be reviewing books involved in several of these events. So, grab your Yoo-Hoo, and let's go!

Annihilation: Super Skrull (Marvel): Last week, I reviewed Silver Surfer, another Annihilation miniseries. There will be four total, and Super Skrull is the second. The Super Skrull has been getting some a bit of exposure lately, in this book and in Young Avengers. I enjoyed this book more than I did Surfer, which is odd, seeing as how Surfer was written by Keith Giffen, a writer whose work I normally enjoy. Anyway, the Annihilation wave hits the remnants of the Skrull Empire, and the Super Skrull decides to take the fight to where the Wave started: the Negative Zone.

Captain Atom: Armageddon (DC/Wildstorm): At the end of Superman/Batman #6, Captain Atom seemingly disintegrated into nothing, but it turns out he was reconstituted in the Wildstorm Universe (home of such characters/teams as Wildcats, The Authority and Gen13). Part of this book's appeal is the "stranger in a strange land" motif that runs throughout it. Captain Atom, a native of the DC Universe, must find his way home, but he learns from several Wildstorm denizens; that's easier said than done.

Desolation Jones (DC/Wildstorm): This was the first of three Warren Ellis written books I bought this week, and I have to admit, out of all the book's he launched this year (Nextwave, Blackgas and Ultimate Extinction), this is the one I've fallen behind on. This didn't stop me from enjoying the book, however. It's typical Ellis, which mean it's great. Jones comes to America to investigate a stash of porn involving none other than Hitler. Yes, you read that right. The book's humorous concept takes a back seat to gritty characterizations and an almost noir feel.

Infinite Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Bludhaven (DC): In Infinite Crisis #4, the living chemical waste man, Chemo, was detonated over the city of Bludhaven as an act of retaliation against Nightwing, who makes his home in the city. This miniseries, set during the "One Year Later" time frame, shows the fallout from this event. Superheroes want to come in and help, but the federal government will not allow it and instead employs its own super agents. All the while, something is kidnapping survivors and experimenting on them. A lot of folks didn't enjoy this book, but I did. Granted, it's just the first issue, and it will need time to develop, but I think the creative team is off to a good start. Superman (DC): The One Year Later event has gotten me interested in the Superman and Batman family of titles for the first time in over a decade. Somehow, Superman has lost his powers and is living a regular life as Clark Kent. One of the central mysteries is how he lost them, and this will no doubt be explained during 52, or perhaps at the end of Infinite Crisis.

Don't tell Shaun Corley what he can't do!

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