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Book Review: The Gospel of Judas
By Shaun Corley | Published 04-28-06

The Gospel of Judas has a strong positive focus on Judas Iscariot. Judas betrayed Jesus Christ to the Roman authorities, by whom he was crucified. The Gospel of Judas portrays this act positively, as one performed in obedience to the instructions of Jesus, rather than as a betrayal.
The Trailer Park
Ritz presents its newest feature: The Trailer Park. Here you can check out all the latest coming attractions without even buying a ticket and sitting next to some old guy who smells kind of weird and talks during the most dramatic parts of film.

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Quick Comic Reviews:
To All Things...An Ending

CVin Diesel shot Reno just to watch a city die.
Published 04-28-06
By Shaun Corley
Thank You For Smoking Lights up the Screen
Nick Naylor, vice president of the Academy for Tobacco Studies, has a bachelor's degree in kicking ass and taking names. Naylor plays the role of chief spokesman for Big Tobacco, conglomerated corporations whose main goal is to profit from addiction and death.
Published 04-28-06
By Adam Frazier
Hester Browne's
The Little Lady Agency

Melissa Romney-Jones has always played by the rules. A student at the finest of prep schools and an overachiever at her university, she possesses flawless social skills and a network of contacts larger than any socialite's.
Published 04-28-06
By Christine Forte
First Look: Transformers

A live-action film based on the popular Transformers franchise is set to touchdown into theaters on July 4, 2007. Directed by Michael Bay (The Island) and produced by Stephen Spielberg, Transformers looks to be the beginning of yet another promising cinematic dynasty.
Published 04-28-06
By Adam Frazier
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