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Raising a "Ruckus"

Emily Flora Staff Writer
Published 02-24-06
Graphic By: Julie Brennan
Whether blaring pop or country on the car radio, or rock in the stereo systems at home, there may soon be an easier way for students at Radford to download their favorite music and videos. The Radford University Student Government Association (SGA) is considering joining Ruckus Network, a premier digital entertainment service designed for universities.

“SGA wants to help the students out and give them options. This service will allow them to make downloads and even have access to movies as well,” SGA Ruckus committee member Matthew Bernard said.

Based in Herndon, Va., Ruckus offers national, local and campus based programming. If Radford participates, students will have access to 1.5 million licensed tracks of music from major labels and indies. Access to all of this music is “super-fast, all-you-can-eat downloads,” according to the website.

For those of you on campus who enjoy matching your music to your mood, just choose from a list of pre-programmed playlists. And if you like to meet other students on campus with similar interests, Ruckus offers a robust community connection. These communities are grouped based on students with similar music, video and programming interests and allows them to connect, share and explore on their campus.

Students would also get instant access to Hollywood Blockbusters, independent films and cult classics. Ruckus rotates available movies weekly with over 45 major studio movies.

Ruckus appears to have just about everything a Radford student could want. Just so you’re in the know, daily articles, charts and information are made available from the Ruckus publishing staff and students just like you. In addition to hot new music and the latest movies, you can connect with other students and gain immediate access to local area and campus generated information.

Ruckus has a partnership with major record labels, independent record labels, major movie studios and distributors. Partnership is what makes this extensive digital library available to college students just like us at Radford University. And better yet, it’s legal!

Sophomore Manuel Gomez said, “I think it’s a great idea, because it’s a better way to download music legally.”

According to Bernard, “It will give students the option to download music in a safe/legal fashion and save students money from paying for access to similar services online that cost up to $2.00 per song.”

If you are tired of all the Spyware and Adware being added to your personal computer from other programs, Ruckus may be the answer you’ve been looking for. “As a person who plays a lot of music and really enjoys listening to different kinds of music, I think this would be an awesome way to download music for free plus it would be a great way to meet other musicians” Sophomore Andrew Gilmer says.

SGA has assembled a committee to decide if RU will join Ruckus.

“We will have a small meeting to discuss our individual findings, then present it to the SGA next Monday. From there, we will decide as a whole if we think we should request the amount for the service,” Bernard says.

Ruckus would be made available to both on-and off-campus students starting in the fall of 2006.

Students are encouraged to give their input to the SGA by contacting Matthew Bernard at msbernard@radford.edu. For more information on Ruckus Network, you can visit their website.

Emily Flora smells so sweet . . . don't ask how we know this.

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Posted by Andrew Lent

Thanks for the article, Emily! Great job!
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Posted by Some Anonymous Whim Reader

looks interisting! radford should do it!
Inside Whim
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