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Beehive Release Party Rocks Heth Lawn
By Grant MacHamer | Published 04-28-06

Despite the lack of an official "Quadfest" this year, the premier of the Beehive Yearmovie did bring some rocking bands and good times back to the Heth Lawn. The Beehive, traditionally RU's yearbook, changed formats this year by going to a Yearmovie DVD.
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Weird Fact of the Week
Gloucestershire airport in England used to blast Tina Turner songs on its runways to scare birds away.

This week's fact was brought to you by AmusingFacts.com.

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Jihad in Islam Part Three: Misunderstandings about Jihad
I have discussed the two types of Jihad in Islam for two weeks - the Greater and Lesser Jihads.  I have discussed what each Jihad entails and the subtypes of each type of Jihad.  I have explained that terrorism is not Jihad nor is Jihad terrorism but terror is in fact forbidden and cursed by God in the view of the Islamic tradition.  This week we will further discuss the concept of warfare itself, the purpose and intention of the military lesser Jihad, and the explanation of misinterpreted texts on Jihad.
Published 04-28-06
By Omar Hossino
Raise a Ruckus This Fall
Still looking for a way to download your favorite music? Look no further; Radford University has decided to participate in Ruckus.
Published 04-28-06
By Emily Flora
RU Outdoors Says Goodbye to Their Senior Staff
RU Outdoors, our on campus outdoor adventure program is coming up on it's 20 year anniversary this fall, a milestone which brings to mind all that the group has accomplished in their nearly two decades of service to the RU community. The end of each spring semester brings warm weather and a much needed three month break from our studies but also the bittersweet task of saying farewell to some of the dedicated staff who've spent their mornings, nights, weekends and sometimes holidays leading trips and expeditions for the university community.
Published 04-28-06
By Grant MacHamer
Summer Ideas for the College Student
It's the end of the school year, and for many, that means moving on and growing up. For others, it means another summer with a minimum wage job. Not interested in either one of those options?
Published 04-28-06
By Katey Leiter
The Cairo Lounge Offers a Unique Experience to Radford
The Cairo lounge hookah bar has been in buisness nearly two months and continues to thrive as Radfords only hookah smoking establishment offering a uniques experience to city and university residents.
Published 04-28-06
By Grant MacHamer
Three Whimmers Say Their Goodbyes
Three of us Whimmers are moving on and moving out. Here's just a little something for the readers to remember us by.
Published 04-28-06
By Katey Leiter
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