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Whim Internet Magazine - Policy on Feedback Fora
Copyright © 2001

Section 1: Fora Intentions
The purpose of interactive and immediate feedback in any Whim forum is to discover the true voice of Radford University students. While comments from non-Radford constributors are welcome, we feel that the feedback fora are essential to discovering what students really care about. In addition to providing a place for public dialogue about issues, the fora can ultimately show all points of view about a particular subject.

Section 2: The "Submit" Agreement
Users who post submissions to Whim's feedback forms must agree to the following statement: "By clicking "Submit," you assert that you are who you represent to be and your comments abide by section 20 of Radford's Student Handbook (for RU students) and by the Virginia State and Federal laws including, but not limited to, libel, copyright law and invasion of privacy. The comments posted on this site are not necessarily representative of the views of Radford University, its administration, faculty, staff, or all of its students."

Section 3: Editorial Authority
Whim reserves the right to remove on a weekly basis postings that violate any RU Student Handbook regulations and/or any local, state, or federal laws. This includes, but is not limited to, material that is potentially in violation of libel, invasion of privacy and obscenity laws, as well as RU codes of conduct.

Section 4: Anonymity
4.1 In the interests of free and unfettered expression, users of Whim's feedback fora may remain anonymous if they so choose.

4.2 Whim executive staff reserve the right to monitor the origins of submissions in the event of illegal activity.

Section 5: Miscellaneous
Whim will clear all old postings at the start of each new semester for the purposes of site management.

Whim Internet Magazine - April Fool's Edition
Copyright © 2001

This week's edition of Whim is entirely a parody. Any claims or quotes in any article, feedback posting, or illustration are completely made up and should not be interpreted as accurate.

Articles specifically written for the April Fool's Edition are denoted with the "AF" logo ( ). Each article this week bears this logo as a reminder to the reader that the article (and the accompanying illustration) are not to be taken seriously.

We encourage feedback in the articles, provided you understand the above. Please keep this in mind and remember that nothing you read is true. Enjoy!

Whim Internet Magazine - Article Submission Policy
Copyright © 2001

To submit an article to Whim, you must agree to and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The Full Name, Phone and Email address fields on the submission form must be filled out and accurate. Whim agrees to only use the information for article and content verification and clarification.
  • Whim is a publication of Radford University Student Media. Therefore, only submissions from Radford University Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni can be accepted for publication. Submissions from organizations are accepted as long as they have an author (or authors) and comply with the above Radford University status. Whim reserves the right to decline anonymous submissions.
  • Submissions must be your own and may not appear in any other campus publication.
  • Submissions must comply with the Radford University Student Expression Policy.
  • Submissions must also comply with Virginia State and Federal laws including but not limited to libel, copyright, and invasion of privacy (ie: Sources must be properly cited).
  • Whim reserves the right not to publish or delay publication of any submission for any reason. If an article is not publishable as submitted, the manager of the section will work with the author to make the necessary changes. The article can then be resubmitted for publication in the next available edition.
  • Whim and Radford University does not discriminate with regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, veteran status, national origin, religion, or political affiliation in the administration of its educational programs, activities, admission or employment practices.
Whim Internet Magazine - Linking Policy
Copyright © 2001

Whim actively encourages other sites to link to our pages. You may link to the main page, section main page, or individual pages provided you adhere to the following:

  • Please contact us if you are linking to our pages. Acceptable forms of linking include a text link <a href="">, or official banner link.
  • In accord with existing copyright laws, excerpts from Whim's own articles and commentaries may be quoted freely providing full and proper attribution is given including the Whim URL which is
  • Don't place Whim's pages within frame on one of your pages.
  • Do not attempt to misrepresent any work in Whim as your own. All content contained in Whim is property of Whim Internet Magazine and may not be reproduced with out the written consent of the director.
  • Whim is not responsible for links that appear in places deemed inappropriate by the university community and are not necessarily representative of the views of Radford University, its administration, faculty, staff or all of its students.
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