Student Aid

The Wesley Foundation has established an endowed fund for students in need of emergency financial help. The spirit of the fund is to help in time of traumatic crisis (i.e., fire, car accident, injury), in the event of a one-time tuition shortfall or to provide a scholarship to a student to participate in a mission project. Students at RU and NRCC are eligible to apply. Consideration for available funds will be given in order of application.
Since its inception three years ago, approximately 16 students have been recipients of the $30, 750.00 that has been donated and distributed through the fund. The beneficiaries have been:

• 2 International students who had one semester left to
graduation and lost financial backing from home
• 7 students who were victims of fire
• 5 students (in the same semester) who received traumatic brain
injuries in car accidents
• 1 International student who was at the end of the semester
when he lost his financial backing. Through community
support, he has now completed 4 semesters of the 7 he
needs to graduate.
• 1 student , Robbie Hamby served in Summer, 2003-2005 as an intern
for Project Crossroads. Crossroads is an ecumenical project
serving the needs of God’s children through home repair,
new home construction, firewood delivery, and emergency
assistance. Robbie facilitated volunteer youth and adult
groups from 14 states during his time in Marion.

All contributions to the SAF are tax deductible. Gifts must be designated for Student Aid and may be specified for a particular student. The Wesley Foundation assumes all administrative costs for this fund.
100% of each donation goes directly to benefit a student.