Data Analysis for Professional Psychologists - A Web-Based Text


Thomas W. Pierce

Department of Psychology

Radford University

The chapters on this page comprise the contents of a web-based textbook for students taking a master's-level course in data analysis. Feedback about content errors or typographical errors and other suggestions for improving the manuscript would be greatly appreciated. 

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    1. Descriptive Statistics

    2. Introduction to Statistical Inference (9-14-2010)

    3. One-Sample T-Test

    4. Independent Samples T-Test

    5. One-Way Analysis of Variance

    6. Comparisons in ANOVA

    7. Introduction to Correlational Techniques

    8. Two-Way ANOVA

    9. One-Way Within-Subjects ANOVA

    10. Simple Regression (One Predictor Variable)

    11. Multiple Regression

    12. Mixed-Model ANOVA

    Factor Analysis

    Analysis of Categorical Data

Appendix A