Matlab Version 6 M-Files for the dde23 Tutorial

As explained in the tutorial, a naming convention is used. For example, exam1.m is the M-file for solving the problem of Example 1. The M-files for the exercises follow the same convention with exam replaced by exer. The M-files for the additional problems are similarly named with exam replaced by prob. Each of the files contains all of the necessary information to solve the problem. (This differs from the Version 5 files for which the derivative, history, and event calculations are contained in separate files.) The zip file named contains all of the example, exercise, and problem m-files.  
Example 1  
Example 2  
Example 3  
Example 4  
Example 5  
Example 6  
Example 7  
Example 8  
Exercise 1  
Exercise 2  
Exercise 3  
Exercise 5  
Exercise 6  
Exercise 7  
Problem 1  
Problem 2  
Problem 2b  
Problem 3  
Problem 4  
Problem 5  
Problem 6