Matlab M-Files for the dde23 Tutorial

Version 6

Click here for the Matlab Version 6 tutorial files.

Version 5

As explained in the tutorial, a naming convention is used. For example, exam1.m is the M-file for solving the problem of Example 1. The equations of this problem are evaluated in the M-file exam1f.m. Some problems involve additional files, specifically a history function and/or an event function. The corresponding M-files have the names exam1h.m and exam1e.m, respectively. The M-files for the exercises follow the same convention with exam replaced by exer. The M-files for the additional problems are similarly named with exam replaced by prob. If a file is not needed for a particular problem, n/a appears in the table below.

The individual files are available from the table below. You can click here if you prefer to download all of the files in one zip file. You can click here if you prefer to download all of the files in one unix tarfile.

Problem Main Derivatives History Events
Example 1 exam1.m exam1f.m n/a n/a
Example 2 exam2.m exam2f.m n/a n/a
Example 3 exam3.m exam3f.m exam3h.m n/a
Example 4 exam4.m exam4f.m n/a exam4e.m
Example 5 exam5.m exam5f.m n/a n/a
Example 6 exam6.m exam6f.m n/a n/a
Example 7 exam7.m exam7f.m n/a exam7e.m
Example 8 exam8.m exam8f.m n/a exam8e.m
Exercise 1 exer1.m exer1f.m exer1h.m n/a
Exercise 2 exer2.m exer2f.m exer2h.m n/a
Exercise 3 exer3.m exer3f.m exer3h.m n/a
Exercise 5 exer5.m exer5f.m exer5h.m n/a
Exercise 6 exer6.m exer6f.m exer6h.m exer6e.m
Exercise 7 exer7.m exer7f.m exer7h.m exer7e.m
Problem 1 prob1.m prob1f.m n/a n/a
Problem 2 prob2.m prob2f.m n/a n/a
Problem 2b prob2b.m prob2bf.m n/a n/a
Problem 3 prob3.m prob3f.m n/a n/a
Problem 4 prob4.m prob4f.m n/a n/a
Problem 5 prob5.m prob5f.m n/a n/a
Problem 6 prob6.m prob6f.m n/a n/a