Solving DDEs with MATLAB

L.F. Shampine
Mathematics Department
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX 75275

S. Thompson
Mathematics & Statistics Department
Radford University
Radford, VA 24142

As of MATLAB 6.5 (Release 13), dde23 is part of the official MATLAB release. The MathWorks web side provides documentation for the solver , as well as a tutorial on solving delay differential equations in MATLAB.

For the convenience of people who are using an earlier release of MATLAB, below we provide the preliminary (and no longer maintained) version of dde23 as well as auxiliary functions for use with MATLAB prior to R13. We urge you to use the official version first included in R13 but as a temporary measure, the version below can be used with earlier releases.

The information on this page deals with the solution of delay differential equations (DDEs) with constant delays using MATLAB . Included are a tutorial on using the MATLAB dde23 solver to solve DDES, a manuscript containing technical details for the solver, and a manuscript dealing with the event location procedures used in dde23. In addition, the necessary M-files for the solver as well as the M-files for the problems discussed in the tutorial are available.

Please contact one of the authors if you experience any difficulties with the material on this page or if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the information on this page.

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Last updated: 02/2004