DKLAG6 Delay Differential Equation Solver

Fortran 90 Version

Larry Shampine and I have developed an honest to goodness F90 version of DKLAG6 named DDE_SOLVER_M. It is much easier to use than the F77 version and t has additional features not available in DKLAG6. For more information click here.

Although the remainder of this page is superceded by DDE_SOLVER_M, we plan to maintain the f77 version and the F90 translated version of DKLAG6 for some period of time. The translated version was produced using Michael Metcalf's F77 to F90 conversion utility (CONVERT). This version was created simply for users of the F77 code who are using an F90 compiler. No attempt was made to take advantage of any special features of Fortran 90/95; I only created a version which should compile and work correctly. It has been tested thoroughly only for the Lahey LF90 compiler but has been compiled using a few other Fortran 90/95 compilers. Please contact me if it won't compile or doesn't work correctly for whatever compiler you use.

Click here to download the Fortran 90/95 version of DKLAG6.

Click here to download miscellaneous Fortran 90/95 demo programs