Sigma Kappa Philanthropies



Maine Sea Coast Mission
In honor of our five Founders from the state of Maine, the Maine Sea Coast Mission was chosen as our first national philanthropy. Each November, Sigma Kappa chapters donate food, clothing, toys, and reading materials to small isolated islands off the rocky, infertile coast of Maine.

Sigma Kappa has always emphasized our Sorority as a lifetime commitment and we encourage the active involvement of our alumnae regardless of age. In 1954, Sigma Kappa became the first national sorority to recognize the need for work on the study of aging and the needs of elderly. To support gerontology, Delta Psis make cards and paint flower pots throughout the semester to give to local retirement centers in addition to visiting them.

Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's Disease was adopted as a national philanthropy in 1984. The Sigma Kappa Foundation raises money to contribute to research for Alzheimer's disease and gerontology issues. Since 1988, the Foundation has awarded nearly $500,000 in research grants to colleges and universities. Every fall, our chapter sells lollipops on campus to raise money to donate to this charity.

In addition to the national philanthropies, we participate in many on campus and in town community service projects. We have recently donated past formal dresses to nearby Pulaski High School for girls who cannot afford dresses for their upcoming prom. We are always eager to help out the other greek organizations, and recently have sent care packages to US Air Force and US Army units currently serving in Iraq.






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