On December 14th, 1991, in the 94th year of Sinfonian History, under the faculty direction of Dr. David Phillips, D. Otis Castonguay, and Dr. Alan Wojtera, the national president of Sinfonia, Robert L. Hause, recognized the initiation of thirteen students from Radford University as the Xi Theta Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. They were:

Timothy Randall BlackRichard Scott Czypinski Daniel
Brent VernonRobert Michael Bollar
Gregory Alan DurrettThomas Lee Walker II
Samuel Isaac BrothersRaymond E. Linkous III
John D. WeatherspoonRodger Earl Cooper
David Gerald NealStephen D. Whitlock
R. Kevin Paul

23 years after the Spirit of Sinfonia has made a presence in Radford University as Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia's Xi Theta chapter, the brotherhood of Sinfonia is just as strong as it was on October 6, 1898 under the direction of Ossian Everett Mills. With the leadership of Jake Moles, the Xi Theta Chapter will bring mutual welfare and brotherhood of musical students by following the Sinfonian path.

The Xi Theta Chapter continues to achieve our mission by advancing music in America. When one walks around Radford University's beautiful campus, there is a good likelihood that they might here music being played or sung by one of our brothers. We frequently hold Mills Music Missions to local hospitals as well as many other musical opportunities such as singing the national anthem at a Radford University Basketball game. If you would like to reach our chapter for any reason, please contact us!