Limited Bibliography on Research Methods

compiled (with assistance) by Marian Petre, 1997

There is no single, definitive source on research methods. There is a massive literature, both general and within different domains, such as management, social science, and education - this list is only a smattering, and a rather idiosyncratic one. A number of publishers (e.g., Sage, Falmer Press, Routledge) produce series on research methods. The literature varies enormously in coverage, depth, quality, perspective, examples, etc. There's no help for it; one must read critically: look for what suits your purposes, use it, ignore the rest.

On the quantitative/qualitative distinction:

On research methods (mainly introductory texts):

On qualitative analysis:

Good, accessible statistics texts

(always consult a guru)

Providing a perspective on the limitations of research methods:


I am grateful to Martyn Hammersley, Vicki Almstrum, and Ann Fleury, from whom I have borrowed shamelessly.