SIGCSE 2002 Doctoral Consortium



Mir Farooq Ali Virginia Tech (USA)
Simplifying Construction of Multi-Platform User Interfaces using UIML


Andy Begel UC Berkeley (USA)
Spoken Language Support for Software Development


Justin Campbell University of Washington (USA)
Individualized Question Generation in an XML Framework


Pete DePasquale Virginia Tech (USA)
Improving Learning of Programming Through the Implementation of Language Levels in Program Development


Ashley Hamilton-Taylor University of Georgia (USA)
Tools for Supporting Algorithm and Data Structures Discussion


Matt Jadud University of Indiana (USA)
The TeamStorms Educational Approach


Lisa Kaczmarczyk University of Texas at Austin (USA)
Using a Neural Network to Study the Acquisition of Intellectual Expertise


H. Chad Lane University of Pittsburgh (USA)
Eliciting Pseudocode in Novice Program Design


Mary Last Kingston University (UK)
Virtual Teams in Computing Education


Tracy Lewis Virginia Tech (USA)
Teaching Design Through the Use of Patterns to Introductory Object-Oriented Design Students


Jaiwant Mulik Temple University (USA)
Classification of Router Services


Orna Muller Tel-Aviv University (Isreal)
Elaborating Algorithmic Patterns for Developing Analysis and Design Skills


Cherry Owen Texas Tech University (USA)
Evaluating the Infrastructure of Software Applications


Lori Postner University of Washington (USA)
The Challenges of Learning to Program


Gary Schubert West Virginia University (USA)
Pair Programming in CS1 & CS2


Cheryl Seals Virginia Tech (USA)
A Framework Supporting Educational Software Reuse


Jacob Somervell Virginia Tech (USA)
Enhancing Classroom Interaction Through Peripheral Displays


Tammy VanDeGrift University of Washington (USA)
Collaborative Technologies in Distance Learning Environments


Phil Ventura SUNY Buffalo (USA)
Objects-First CS1 Not Considered Harmful: An Empirical Investigation


Steve Wolfman University of Washington (USA)
A Real-Time, Unobtrusive, and Contextual Feedback System for the Classroom


Ken Yasuhara University of Washington (USA)
Improving Feedback on Programming Assignments