2001 SIGCSE Doctoral Consortium

Charlotte, North Carolina

Wednesday, February 21st

with other activities throughout the SIGCSE conference

Consortium Coordinators:

The discussants participating in the 2001 Doctoral Consortium provide feedback and advice for our participants.

About the Consortium:

The Doctoral Consortium is held the day before the regular sessions of the SIGCSE Technical Symposium begin. The aims of the Doctoral Consortium are:

  • To offer a friendly forum for students to discuss their work and receive constructive feedback.
  • To offer relevant information on issues important to doctoral candidates.
  • To nurture a community of researchers.

The Consortium is designed for students currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program, though we are also open to including students currently in a Masters program as well. The Consortium is for students at any stage of study, and students in any area of computing are welcome to apply.

The Consortium allows participants to interact with established researchers and with other students, and to reflect -- through short activities, information sessions, and discussions -- on the process and lessons of research and life in academia. Each participant will give a short, critiqued, research presentation.

Doctoral Consortium participants must register for the SIGCSE Technical Symposium. There is no additional charge for the consortium itself.


Each year, several faculty members from various schools and environments join the DC coordinators to respond to the participants' Research Summaries and presentations. We will list the discussants here at a later date.

Student Volunteers:

Any student participating in the Doctoral Consortium is welcome to serve as a Student Volunteer for the SIGCSE conference itself. As a volunteer you will receive free conference registration (among other things) in exchange for a few hours service at the conference. Details about SIGCSE Student Volunteers can be found at csserver.evansville.edu/~acm/sigcse2001. If you apply to be a volunteer, please indicate to the volunteer coordinators that you will be participating in the Doctoral Consortium and therefore you cannot serve your hours on Wednesday, February 21st.