About RU4Math Fest 2003

RU4Math took place on Saturday, March 22, 2003 from 2-4 p.m. at Radford University in Cook Hall, Room 107. This was a joint project between approximately 35 Elementary Education students in Math 315 Mathematics for Elementary Educators, 30 Media Studies students in Media Studies 427 Advanced Wed Production and Media Studies 473 Advertising Production, and 1 student from the Music Education department. Dr. Michael Capps and Janet Capps were the Radford University faculty sponsors for the RU4Math Fest 2003.

The games and events involved hands on math activities for elementary-aged students from Pulaski and Montgomery counties, and Radford City schools.

The underlying concepts behind the event were:

  • To provide an opportunity for Radford University students to understand the importance of application of theory and the need for community service beyond the classroom.

  • To allow elementary-aged students to experience math in an active learning stress free and enjoyable environment.

  • To encourage parents to take an active role in math opportunities for children.

  • To expose the RU students, elementary students, current teachers, parents, and the community in general to math resources available to them.

While the Elementary Education students developed their projects, Media Studies 473 Advertising Production class designed and implemented an advertising campaign for the RU4Math Fest. Members of the class created the campaign theme, design concepts, logo, mascot, radio advertisements (click here for male and female versions), flyers, posters, boxes, and more.

Media Studies 427 Advanced Wed Production students documented the event and created the web site. Students Pamela Boyd, Kristin Iacone, Justin Nicholas, Darcie Priester, Jacob Puckett, Baudi Ratcliffe, Lucinda Swanson and Johnny Tsai divided the duties and responsiblities for creating the site into individual responsibilities as well as covering different aspects of the event.

In addition to setting up a website, the class took still pictures and video with equipment that was borrowed from John Preston McConnell Library. They also interviewed the Math 315 class on how they developed their projects and the parents and elementary age children attending the event.

Privacy Statement:

The RU4Math Fest serves as an opportunity to promote math education within the local tri-county elementary schools. The festival exists to offer children in grades 1-6 with a fresh perspective on the uses and importance of math by incorporating mathematical principles in a variety of games.


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