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About my websites...

From 2007 to 2013, typing my last name in a browser and clicking on a big red RU like the one on the right brought hundreds of students to this address for information about my courses in journalism, Web design, media history and portrayals of journalists in popular-culture.

In May 2013, I retired from Radford University to write, study, play music and generally be healthier. But I didn't close the door to coming back and teaching part-time.

My research and writing continue in several places. Here's a summary:

  • is short for "Newspaper Heroes on the Air," my book-in-progress, a blog and podcast about old-time radio's portrayals of newspaper editors, reporters and other journalists -- often heroic, sometimes not.
  • Other Journalism, my main blog about journalism, education and related topics, including Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The blog began elsewhere in 2002, but migrated to Wordpress after the demise of its original hosting service (see my OJ blog archive).
  • At the AEJMC Newspaper Division, I have kept the group's original site for a decade, but added a blog-style version to get more members involved.
  • Boblog is my "for fun" blog, now mostly about my forays into the Appalachian music scene armed with a banjo-ukulele, mandolin and other instruments. (Other posts dating back to November 2001).
  • I keep a lot of bookmarks
  • I on Twitter as @bobstep, where I pass along internship and career tips for former students, news items about journalism, education, Web design, old-time radio, old movies, popular culture, and the occassional item about local music -- usually involving fiddles, guitars, banjos and/or ukuleles.

The plaid background of this page (and a few of my others) is a tartan from a wing of the Montgomery family, with which I may have distant connections in Glasgow, Scotland -- close enough to celebrate Radford's "Highlander" nickname. I was very happy to be a "Highlander" for a half-dozen years. This particular tartan is green, which may pacify the ghosts of my more numerous Irish ancestors, even if it doesn't say much about the grandfather responsible for my last name, who came to America rather than going off to fight Japan for the Tsar of Russia.

If you are looking for any of the course websites and resources from my semesters at Radford, some of them are still here and others can be found with a search engine or an e-mail note to me. (The university is changing its approach to student and faculty Web publishing, so some of my earlier pages might be misleading. I wouldn't want newcomers to waste time with them.)

You can still get to my more detailed home page at

Last page update I remembered to record here: Feb. 13, 2015