Interactive Science Displays


Below are a few examples of interactive displays. Many of the hyper links link to video of the display.

Warning: it would be best to turn the sound off on your computer unless you like to hear enthusiastic high voices.

General Fascination

Gravitram - A Rube Goldberg apparatus. This is kinetic art. Fun to watch, perhaps this type of display could be a collaboration with student/faculty in the art department.


A natural (and quite attractive air filter)

Please click on the above link to see how this can be incorporated into the air handling system. Perhaps this could be mirrored on each floor in addition to the lobby.

More Living Wall photos from Drexl University.

Nedaw Living Walls is a company that designs and installs living walls.

Another interactive display that is a combination of science and art is this Flow Chamber Beautiful to look at ... fun to play with.




Leaf Cutter Ants: - Living things with complex behaviors will always stimulate interest and generate questions. The bee hive on the second floor of Curie is a good example. Social insects like leaf cutter ants are another interesting display. It may take three years to get the permits required ... just about time for the new building.

Other possibilities playing off of RU's proximity to the New River would be a stream with endemic critters. Could some of this be flowing down along the stair case in the form of a stream/terrarium built into the wall?


Viscosity: Bubbles rise through liquids of various viscosity. Controls allow you to play with the frequency and size of the bubble. This type of display, without the controls, would look great on the wall above the stairs as you descend to the lobby.


Interactive Periodic Table Display at DePauw University.

Ideas for Landscaping

Head waters

Ability to manipulate stream flow create dams etc (without getting wet)

Musical Fence Attractive yet encourages play and questions.

Physics (perhaps the easiest for interactive displays)